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2015/4/5 17:53:58
video quality The more professional approach is to render each frame as a single tga image and then you can work on any image in editing software
and re assemble with a free prog like virtualdub. This method will give you the best quality.
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2015/4/4 11:35:48
My Song Let Them Sing In Cartoon Form goodo!!!(is that you playing and singing?) but customise the skin colour so the face colour harmonises and give him a hat that fits over the hair.
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2015/4/2 12:29:09
A wee prezzie cheers, i thought i had muvizu covered but was unaware of this and how to make use of animations via the track editing area generally.
2015/3/25 14:10:51
top quality muvizu animation Thanks for posting fazz, enjoyed very much.
Excellent work mostro.Cool
2015/3/23 12:50:41
New characters and animations The severed eye is great in terms of the left eye texturing as it allows for a coloured iris which adds character to the characters. Could a version with 2 normal eyes with facility to colour change the iris be included in the next update? rather than one of them hanging out.
2015/3/18 9:54:25
FBX UDK editor stuff. @ eefilmz ..just to say you can emulate 3 button mouse in blender via file-preferences-input.
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2015/3/15 18:08:02
Muvizu at the Cinema well done Ukberty,great to see.
2015/3/15 1:13:13
Mouths not moving on lip sync and file errors Me too!! especially with decaled characters or if you adjust something the lipsync goes awol,until a restart.
luckily i kept my old version alive by uploading the new version to a different directory, so finding the previous muvizu a more stable environment atm.
2015/3/12 11:42:34
2015 Passion Competition update This all sounds very exciting, hope somebody from the Muvizu community does enter.
I have been checking out entries from last year to get an idea of the standard and quality of submissions.
2015/3/11 2:11:49
brilliant film thank you for your kind comments gentlemen.
2015/3/10 12:09:19
brilliant film

a homage.
2015/3/9 18:33:24
How do I import outside picture and video files? Only certain video files will work i have been using avi's with an xvid codec with success but i'm sure others will work.
2015/3/8 11:44:51
objects to move in a straight line. Try adjusting the gravity in the objects settings to stop it lifting and if you use a mouse with a scroll wheel you can get a vehicle to move in a straight line pretty effectively by just a single turn of the wheel.
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2015/3/6 11:44:46
Version Issue i have a beta version v0.23b 2012 on my comp in addition to my play plus, it cannot download sets online as the later versions
so i downloaded pink droid set and saved it, then attempted to load it with the beta. it said it was an unknown format and refused to import it.
probably not a great help to you as its not a current free muvizu version.
2015/3/3 18:03:36
The Future of Muvizu revealed! Yeah to be able to sculpt the face of the guys a little more would be great.just to add a little more variation in character,just to be able to scale the head vertically and horizontally would offer so much.Cool
2015/3/2 17:04:50
March 2015 update bugs drewi wrote:
Assets that i had previously applied custom textures to, have gone from the models in my scene...gulp!!
That's going to annoy many i fear.

luckily i have saved customised models with textures to my favourites.... if i leave my scene as is and import an additional version of the model from favourites, i can simply make sure that model has the right texture and all the models in my scene that used to have that texture return to how they should be.
2015/3/2 16:41:50
March 2015 update bugs Assets that i had previously applied custom textures to, have gone from the models in my scene...gulp!!
That's going to annoy many i fear.
2015/3/2 16:12:11
Mobile Phone Asset hi.... the mobile phone is in the right hand asset area of a character...
i dont know what action would be best to use it with though
there is a phone action that could have worked with a bit of creative fiddling in the misc section but its for the opposite
edited by drewi on 02/03/2015
2015/3/2 13:22:44
The Future of Muvizu revealed! i say...my ears and whiskers!!
2015/2/26 17:32:31

Utilising my building assets,Inspired by the Archer TV cartoon series intro,Sort of economically sets up an animated city location,where you could zoom into an office and begin a story.rough audio thrown on for atmos.
using the crossroads template and the buildings scale deformers you could set up many different city locations.
Though not perhaps as cartoony as muvizu buildings they still work i feel.
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