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2015/5/21 2:57:20
Coming Soon... so pleased.
2015/5/13 1:26:52
Anti-Aliasing is not working on new PC All hugely perplexing and annoying...sorry i am unable to shed light onto the troublesome problem.
Just out of interest what is the output like if you do use a generally respected codec?
......and is there any difference if you render to .tga files?
......and have you got the latest drivers for your graphics card?....always the last place i look to solve graphics problems but it has several times during my computer life been the solution.
Sorry if i am being way to simplistic.Whaaaaa?
2015/5/9 11:45:23
shut up!!zip it!...shh! Why have comments been disabled on videos posted to the gallery?
2015/5/6 11:28:25
Feature idea - MoCap I would be very surprised.
I too have a wft.
2015/5/5 12:40:25
AVI video not playing in backdrops I tried importing a video into a backdrop and everything was ok.
Using latest muvizu play+.I use the xvid codec.
Just a thought make sure you have the latest driver for your graphics card.
I was having all sorts of problems with another 3d package recently, went on for weeks and it turned out to be a driver problem.
2015/5/2 14:11:09
My first Video hi Jorgze
Thanks! that would be great,as you can see my face blending method isn't as smooth as yours.
2015/4/30 1:44:23
My first Video Cool
great.inspired by your work, i made one too but in a wales kit.Yours are better, more detailed.

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2015/4/27 19:28:51
Frickin Huge videos Just tried converting a 3min set file(cimmeterro rock)to .avi using xvid codec. it came out at 221mb then to flv with format factory output file 47 mb
this is at 1920 x1080 ...the quality was rubbish so not a good solution.
tried converting the same xvid .avi to flv with 'any video converter' reducing audio track sampling from 44k to 22k. came out at 64mb, again visual quality was poor.
sorry i couldn't help.Though if you are aiming for a smaller resolution say 640 x 480 you may be successful.
2015/4/27 14:30:46
Frickin Huge videos What codec are you using?what dimensions do you want it to be? what are the dimensions at present?
I believe, you shouldn't have to compromise your productions quality by reducing AA to get what you want.
i use the xvid codec and if needed then convert to .flv using some prog like format factory to reduce the file size when posting to the web on occasion but there are likely better ways to go.
2015/4/20 23:06:06
My first Video excelente, excelente, magnĂ­fico trabalho e o melhor jogador do planeta.
2015/4/19 3:14:07
My first Video Looks great! Have you made a Gareth Bale?
2015/4/17 12:12:21
How to create Batman Mask There is a batman mask, under hats.
Oh! you may mean for the beefy character...
You would need to create some pointy ears in a 3d modeling prog and convert the model to something muvizu understands .fbx or.ase
and import them into muvizu as a hat.
Also use the cowl accessed via beefys body tab/menu.
Then for added effect import a modified, base torso uv map containing the batman logo.

I have uploaded this guy to the assets forum its awaiting moderation.
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2015/4/15 1:20:50
Pedal Steel Guitar? re Pedal steel guitar .set file. Once Muvizu has loaded the .set file

Save the pedal steel guitar in objects/favourites for ease of use.
2015/4/14 23:15:09
Pedal Steel Guitar? http://s000.tinyupload.com/index.php?file_id=94108211051723586920

Hmm that's a question.
Not easily.
There's a standing, 'list fast' action in miscellaneous,which is the only thing that gets anywhere near and that action lasts only momentarily.
Also seated piano loop 1 might offer additional footage if your inventive with camera angles.
Although there could be something better suited secreted in the actions menu...dunno
2015/4/14 17:28:31
Pedal Steel Guitar? presuming you want to use it in muvizu and therefore a toonic environment.... so you don't need complete accuracy, will this do?
if you think it will, i will sort out a download.

2015/4/11 17:45:55
Error in last update Muvizu Play+ People saying re-install the heroes packs to overcome the problem.
2015/4/8 20:35:49
Squirrel yeah hopefully.only snag is maybe you need to have muvizu+ because the tail is an import
2015/4/8 15:24:09
This any good?
created a decal for teeth.
adjusted nose and ears of dog.
adjusted colour of egyptian eyes.
and imported a tail.
will organise sending it to you if it is any good ie fit for your purposes.
2015/4/8 11:23:24
ANYone know how to achieve a decent... I'm not sure what you require can you post an example image?
oh i see now its sort of puts black outlines on things.
If you have muvizu + you could render in tga then apply a poster edges batch filter in photoshop and reassemble in virtual dub,
selecting uncompressed avi file output,for good quality no loss.
All easier said than done.
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2015/4/7 3:16:05
video quality Well your output picture frame size from Muvizu 480 x 360 is being expanded when you output from Pinnacle 720 x 576. So now the frame size is twice as big, so that will look terrible.
Output a larger frame size from Muvizu and keep the size the same outputting from Pinnacle.
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