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2012/6/14 11:21:45
Captain Kirk / William Shatner sings Karaoke HAHA Brilliant!!! Definitely have to see more of the Shatner! lol hit
2012/6/11 16:03:00
Pretty COOL!!!

Two amazing animations for x games! So sick! Shock
2012/6/11 15:42:53
Pretty COOL!!! HAHA! Owned
2012/6/11 14:10:05
Pretty COOL!!!

Seen this and I was amazed!!!!! worship
2012/6/8 15:51:47
Unreal Engine 4 - demo showcase What He Said
2012/6/6 10:00:35
Kids and their wild imaginations!

This made me laugh!

I miss being a kid... beer Maybe not...
2012/5/31 10:22:40
The Queens Jubilee This would be an interesting day at the palace! Sugar High
2012/5/29 11:02:14
Sub Wars!

Quite brutal but I loved it !!! Darth Lightsabers
2012/5/29 11:00:05
Even More Nick Danger than anyone asked for! Another awesome clip Bigwally! I dunno if I fancy those cookies though haha! Keep more Nick Danger coming I want to know if he ever finds his missing shoe! Hammer Time
2012/5/25 13:56:26
Funny Vid!

Loved this! Pretty random right enough but thought I would share it with you lot
2012/5/23 14:58:01
Beautiful Video I know, its truly beautiful!
2012/5/23 11:40:18
Deconstructing The High Bridge Wow this looks awesome Dylly!

Looking forward to trying it out in muvizu Big Grin
2012/5/23 10:51:37
Beautiful Video I know So sad!

Its such a lovely animation!
2012/5/23 10:32:56
Beautiful Video

Another great video!
2012/5/22 9:39:06
Beautiful Video Wow this is so sweet! Love the song too
2012/5/21 10:57:22
Beautiful Video Just watched this! Its so beautiful! Must see.
2012/5/21 9:43:30
More Nick Danger than anyone asked for! Yay! More Nick Danger, love these videos there great!
2012/5/18 16:19:14
The scarf tripfreak wrote:
Simply beautiful !
Remembers me of my own grandma who is in the same situation right now.
Have you ever heard "Ellworth" by the "Rascal Flatts":

I haven't no, they sound pretty good though!
2012/5/18 16:15:00
Hidden Talent? Who has what it takes to sparkle? Pudsey wiped the floor at Britain’s got Talent this year! Who can find some of Muvizu’s hidden talents? 22AYM389

2012/5/18 13:48:23
Just ask Alan HAHA! Poor Alan! Gotta say though, gutted there aren't gonna be any more questions from Alan
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