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2016/8/9 18:26:16
20 Second Film Competition (Summer theme) Rocque wrote:
Well here it is, finally, and on time. The video got a lot longer with the final credits that is why I had to make sure before loading it. 20 seconds goes by really fast. I hope everyone enjoys this video. Thanks for hosting the contest MDW13.

I used Hit Film 4 Pro for all of the editing and title credits. Everything in Muvizu was made in short segments in layers and saved as image sequences.

Nice one!!!, I am starting to like how the videos look with real life images mixed with cartoon characters, I think I will go on that line on my videos.

Good luck Rocque..
2016/8/7 16:46:51
Birdies! Amazing!!! I want them... Thank you, they look like Disney pixar
2016/8/4 2:18:29
Bedroom set PatMarrNC wrote:
you can use a photo of a bedroom, put it on a backdrop, then position your characters in front of it.

If you need to position your characters INSIDE the bedroom (with some furniture in front of them) then use two identical photos of the bedroom, but edit one of them so that everything but the foreground furniture is transparent.

Put both images on backdrops and separate the backdrops so there's space between them. Put your character between the backdrops

align the camera and size the backdrops so the two images merge together into the same visual space... you'll be bale to see your character through the transparent part of the foreground image, and it will look like he/she is standing between elements of furniture in the same bedroom

Unless you need to pan the camera during the shot, this is a very quick way to accomplish what you want.

However, if panning is required, then you need a 3d room full of 3d objects

Every scene in my 20 second contest entry is done this way.

O will try That.... Thank you
2016/8/3 22:38:06
Bedroom set MrDrWho13 wrote:
There's a children's bedroom in Muvizu, but if you want an adult one you'll probably find it easiest to build it yourself with the Muvizu assets.
edited by MrDrWho13 on 03/08/2016

Just what I thought, It will take more time but if there is no other option.... Thank you
2016/8/3 22:35:36
TRIP TO HAWAII (EXTENDED VERSION) No, it's all in my head
2016/8/3 22:06:59
TRIP TO HAWAII (EXTENDED VERSION) Thank you Pat...I could not find the meaning of stoy boarded
2016/8/3 22:00:37
Bedroom set Hello, Do anybody know if there is a set with a bedroom on the assets store?

I need one for a video ans I can't find it
2016/8/3 19:30:13
TRIP TO HAWAII (EXTENDED VERSION) Thank you... means a lot to me, coming from you.
I did not shortened the video, I aded scenes and make some other longer, the original video is the short one.
The plane and the boat ... I finally figured how to export from SketchUp thanks to you and the other experts help.

Best regards
2016/8/3 9:23:28
20 Second Film Competition (Summer theme) Cool
2016/8/3 9:17:28
20 Second Film Competition (Summer theme) Can we have some Muvizu People? I think That
Will be the best for all of us
2016/8/3 9:09:58
20 Second Film Competition (Summer theme) Hey... Who are the judges by the way?
2016/8/3 5:46:54
20 Second Film Competition (Summer theme) Hahaha good.... but I think I 'm still ahead
2016/8/2 3:06:32
Chicken test from Sinister Very nice job!!!
2016/8/2 3:03:17
Stand while holding cup. ziggy72 wrote:

Great!!!...thank you...
2016/8/1 2:22:58
Stand while holding cup. ziggy72 wrote:
Done the arms, but now I want to add a phone.

Couldn't find a good free phone to use, so I'll make one to go with the left hand.

YOU ARE A GENIOUS!!!....I owe you big time
2016/7/31 19:45:52
Stand while holding cup. ziggy72 wrote:
ziggy72 wrote:
To combine the hand and the phone, I used blender to join them, then exported that as an FBX file for import into Muvizu.

Actually, now that I remember, no I didn't do that - I was going to, but the phone model gave me problems so I just positioned the handset and arm inside Muvizu, they aren't joined together in any way (neither is the cord, that's separate as well). And I took pity on your plight, and I will do the arms for a mobile phone today or tomorrow.

Thank you Ziggy.....worship
2016/7/31 16:34:01
20 Second Film Competition (Summer theme) Rocque wrote:
OH no. I still have not watched any but mine has an airplane theme, too. This is why I do not watch any. I am hoping I can have it done, but we will see. It is another learning opportunity, and I am making slow progress. My 2 hours tonight was all failure, but I am learning how to fail. According to Edison that makes you closer to success.

Hello Rocque...
I am dying to see your video....You don't have much time...
2016/7/31 16:29:08
Stand while holding cup. ziggy72 wrote:
There's no tutorial because we only recently worked out how to do this. You cannot turn parts of a character invisible if they are the 'potato heads', only the hero types (Mandy, Rosie, Sinister, Heroine and Beefy). You have to be creative with your camera angles to hide the fact that you are using dummy hands, like here :

His existing right arm is down by his side. You can't get rid of his existing arm, but you can hide it.

I am sorry, I have one more question,
how you do to put the sleeve? and the same color,
how you do to grab the phone ?,
and that phone is not on the Muvizu assets, where can I take it from?

I need the character to grab a smart phone, like texting, for a video

Thank you for all your help, Pat and you are my mentors, I owe you a lot...
2016/7/31 4:08:36
Stand while holding cup. tonyob67 wrote:
ziggy72 wrote:

I'm trying to figure out how to use all the downloads, but do not understand, is there a tutorial?

And, when you use the hands, what you do with the character real hand?

I can not make transparent parts of the body separated, when I try it's all done invisibly...I guess I am lost
2016/7/31 3:36:45
Stand while holding cup. ziggy72 wrote:

I'm trying to figure out how to use all the downloads, but do not understand, is there a tutorial?
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