The Box

by Muvizu_Admin in News

Emily, one of Muvizu’s talented art team has flagged and critiqued a mind-blowing video for us this week. It’s called ‘The Box’.

Using projection techniques onto rectangular shaped surfaces moved around by a robotic arm; the digital optical illusion has definitely frazzled the edges of our brains. Here’s what Emily says about it.

“I’ve been interested in the possibilities of projection mapping for some time. Most of the videos I’ve seen before use this technology in a very specific way. Usually a video is projected on pre-calculated static objects; very often architecturally interesting buildings. While this is impressive, and can create astonishing optical illusions, it is often technology for technology’s sake.

When I first saw The Box – I knew it was something entirely different. For one, the objects - and the maps - are constantly moving. The maps were pre-calculated but the action was shot completely live, and choreographed to perfection. Secondly, the creators of this video have made something sublime; it’s a video that fuses visual experimentation with immersive beauty.

Also – it was made using Maya! Just like the characters and objects in Muvizu.

It ends with a quote by Arthur C Clarke: “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” I think that’s what I like most about this video. It leaves you with a genuine sense of awe.”