Play+ launches for Muvizu ‘Super Users’!

by Muvizu_Admin in News

Hello Muvizuers,

Big day today here at Digimania Towers.

As you’ll have no doubt seen from our homepage this is the day Muvizu:Play+ climbs out of the phone box with its pants on over its trousers!

We’re finding it hard to put into words how happy we are to be able to satisfy those amongst you who have asked for the ability to download unlimited HD versions of your animations.

While the regular flavour of Muvizu:Play is still available and users can still choose to output their watermark-free animations on a pay-as-you-go basis, we’ve seen a growing number of requests for a licensed version of the software.


As a premium version of the system we know you already love, Muvizu:Play+ is a logical next step for any dedicated storyteller or more commercially-minded user. There are, of course, also going to be some exciting new features. For starters, you can now import FBX props. In Muvizu:Play, you can currently only import in an ASE format. Play+ has added FBX import functionality so you can do even more with commonly-used applications like Blender and Maya.

Whatever your character’s desire – be it a gun, a wig or a handbag – their wish is now your command - and Play+’s unlimited HD watermark-free rendering opens the door for you to create commercial animations and increase your prospects of monetising your videos.

We’ve had lots of requests for characters to hold things. In this Play+ version, we’ve activated a first ‘light’ version of this and look forward to seeing how people apply this to their stories and what new assets they create and import.

If you’d like to chat about the possibilities with us and other users, hop on over to the Muvizu forums.

Ready to jump in there right now? After you download Muvizu:Play or your existing copy has updated at next run, a unique licence key to activate Play+ can be purchased via the Licence Manager menu in the app (accessed by clicking on the pink question mark in the top right hand corner of Muvizu:Play).

Go for it.

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  1. SilverCrow
    • SilverCrow - Over a year ago
    • And here comes limitations :) Those who pay will get the good stuff and free users will not. I knew it that sooner or latter even muvizu will become greedy. G-bye im leaving this community...
  2. Carole Muvizu staff
    • Carole - Over a year ago
    • We hope you’ll reconsider SilverCrow – we’d hate to lose you. Your Supernatural Inc is one of the best examples of what can be achieved using Muvizu:Play – which is still available! We agree, the world would be a much better place if everything was just free but sadly we do have to operate in the restrictions of the commercial world we live in. :(
  3. tonyf69
    • tonyf69 - Over a year ago
    • Good Job, I don't know yet if it is a lifetime license or pay for updates in the future, as is the norm in the industry. But as a commercial user of Muvizu, this is good news indeed.

      Silver Crow, please reconsider, These guys have spent a lot of time developing this great software, they deserve some reward.
  4. interested
    • interested - Over a year ago
    • Sounds like a great move! The unlimited HD watermark-free is very enticing and I hope that it brings a lot of sales to keep this program adding more content and features!

      Right now I use the Free Edition , but when I get the cash I'll be upgrading!

      Thanks Muvizu!
  5. chuckles Experimental user
    • chuckles - Over a year ago
    • I suppose, long time users and testers like me have to pay £150 (A HUGE amount of money!), just the same as any newcomer ? I have NO interest in making animations for commercial purposes. I am 70 years old, I live on my pension, and would LOVE to have the 3 new features! But £150 for them! Too much! Why not charge about £30 for the new features, and keep the Muvizu mark in the corner ?