Gather round! There's a new release available now

by Muvizu_Admin in Updates

It's that time again when we release a brand new update to Muvizu and a bunch of new content. There's quite a bit to talk about so I'll just start with the biggest update and move on down. How does that sound?

First off, we're excited to announce that the Muvizu UI is now in German! Hurrah! That's right, we've added a German translation of the UI to the French, Italian and Portuguese versions already available. We hope that this encourages our German-speaking friends to get animating and joining in the fun.

We also have some new toys for everyone to play with in the form of content packs. In a bizarre pairing (I'm reliably informed that there is some method to the madness - Ed), the team has made Trainyard and Prison content packs and they're rather beautiful. Trains and Prisons. Just in time for Christmas! I'm thinking a Muvizu version of the classic Steve Martin & John Candy film, you know the one...

The rather marvellous Dreeko has made some frankly gorgeous pre-lit sets, gathered together in 1 easily downloadable content pack. In simpler terms, Dreeko's taken all the hassle out of getting the lighting just so, in order to make it easier for everyone else to get on with their Muvizu Masterpieces! Or at least, your really funny and often times strange clips.

And finally, we have gone through and fixed many outstanding bugs - things that are far too dull to list just now but nonetheless are quite important and will make Muvizu that much nicer to use.

So what are you waiting for? Head over to the Download page or just click on all the highlighted bits of text in this article and get updating. We are, as ever, looking forward to seeing what insanity you, our users, will wreak.


The Muvizu team

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  1. WozToons Experimental user
    • WozToons - Over a year ago
    • A train set for Christmas. Thanks Muvizu. Excellent update as always with some great new content.
  2. niklasklein
    • niklasklein - Over a year ago
    • Thank you for the German translation! :)
      I love Muvizu!
      Greetings from Germany! :)
  3. rgrove
    • rgrove - Over a year ago
    • I swear to God I'm going to make a film with the train set. Wonderful release!
  4. glasgowjim
    • glasgowjim - Over a year ago
    • Trains and Prisons? Is someone remaking the Fugitive movie?
  5. tripfreak Experimental user
    • tripfreak - Over a year ago
    • Congratulations on your new release including the German translation !
      Seems that you missed my last comments in the Muvizu Extreme section (or didn't trust in the download) ?
      Whatever, good to know that Muvizu now attracts even more people !