The Best Show Ever - Halloween - Part One

by Danimal
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The guys are getting ready to take on the reigning champions of the college Halloween costume party. But they have an ace in the hole with unbeatable costumes... or do they?
Written by,
Dan Heerdt
Story by,
Dan Heerdt, Dave Mercury, Jason Ruppoert, and Scott Loberger
Created using Muvizu (http://www.muvizu.com)
Music by Aspect (http://www.aspect-music.com)


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  1. Comment author
    • 65Radius - Over a year ago
    • I really like this series! It has a special quality that brings out the personalities of the characters and makes them credible! More, please!
  2. Comment author
    • WinkyDinkMedia - Over a year ago
    • Nice work!
  3. Comment author
    • marlan - Over a year ago
    • Well animated with great attention to detail and engaging plot with good cliff hanger ending.
  4. Comment author
    • freakmoomin - Over a year ago
    • Great video! one of the most ambitious series done in muvizu!
  5. Comment author
    • Marco_D - Over a year ago
    • Very nice work. Looking forward to part 2 :)
  6. Comment author Muvizu mogul Experimental user
    • artpen - Over a year ago
    • Top stuff Danimal, liked the bit when that Guy gets carried out, ha ha! Good staging, well done!
  7. Comment author Muvizu staff
    • Jamie - Over a year ago
    • Funny stuff, and really well done. I like how well you work around the characters not being able to hold things, really innovative
  8. Comment author Muvizu mogul Experimental user
    • jonbez - Over a year ago
    • Another excellent episode Danimal. Keep um comming.
  9. Comment author Muvizu mogul Experimental user
    • Dylly - Over a year ago
    • Great series, looking forward to the next episode!