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by Muvizu_Admin
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Introduction & rapid cartoon creation.

Basic training video 1 of 4


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    • maurice8th - 1 month ago
    • This is a godsend! Needed to familiarize myself.
  2. Comment author
    • Vins Tan - 3 months ago
    • hmmm, very nice except for the price ... for somebody who can't draw and no drawing skills i am not so sure how far this would go ? .. . currently i am a CrazyTalk animator fan ... and what's worse for my kind of job ... we don't get paid to do THIS ... :(
  3. Comment author
    • rich mil - 4 months ago
    • What kind of pointing device are you using? When I move around it is so jerky that a little movement of my mouse is a big jump on the screen. I have tried to reset the mouse movement settings but doesn't help. Could it be a slow internet connection? 
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    • aspirre - 10 months ago
    • the video is not avaible just showing blank area please help... :( :( :(
  7. Comment author
    • sneakychicken07 - CreativeFun Builder - 8 months ago
    • Does this cost money?
  8. Comment author
    • cperg - 10 months ago
    • I have played with the animation developer. Simple, straight forward and powerful - KUDOS! I do find the selection of characters to be rather "dim" looking. They are hardly characters I would want to have represent my clients or my companies. Looking at the editor for the characters I see a great deal can be edited. I have used "makehuman" (free open source). Allowing one of the export types to be converted/imported into "Muvizu" would be enough to allow me to give a "yes" for purchase.
  9. Comment author
    • Smirks - Over a year ago
    • just fantastic, i mean really, i have never thought that something like this would exist, it's amazing! 
  10. Comment author
    • cperg - 10 months ago
    • I am not sure so I will ask. Are the features in the purchased version more than the free downloaded version?