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by Muvizu_Admin
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Introduction & rapid cartoon creation.

Basic training video 1 of 4


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    • Ed Mar - 2 months ago
    • I can't my character walk.
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    • aspirre - 2 months ago
    • the video is not avaible just showing blank area please help... :( :( :(
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    • cperg - 2 months ago
    • I am not sure so I will ask. Are the features in the purchased version more than the free downloaded version?
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    • cperg - 2 months ago
    • I have played with the animation developer. Simple, straight forward and powerful - KUDOS! I do find the selection of characters to be rather "dim" looking. They are hardly characters I would want to have represent my clients or my companies. Looking at the editor for the characters I see a great deal can be edited. I have used "makehuman" (free open source). Allowing one of the export types to be converted/imported into "Muvizu" would be enough to allow me to give a "yes" for purchase.
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    • karmicdouche - 3 months ago
    • Is this what they use to make the m&n's ads cos' it sure looks like it?
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    • Purgly - 4 months ago
    • Awesome!
  8. Comment author
    • nihit - Over a year ago
    • it'sssssssss awsomee
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    • lol123xb - Over a year ago
    • your voice suits all the characters you make o.O
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