Tutorial 10: Characters: Creating characters

by Muvizu_Admin
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How to make and customise new characters. How to save favourites


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  1. Comment author
    • CrankCase08 - 8 months ago
    • So it's restricted to the supplied set of characters? That's lame. I'll look for something better. There's no point spending hours learning how to use some software when it's so restricted. My time would be better employed learning how to use some decent, software that allows more scope for my creativity.
  2. Comment author
    • blueangelsletsgo - 11 months ago
    • Why did you make her a freak lol. Can't wait to try this out though.
  3. Comment author
    • Michiyo Minaly - Over a year ago
    • my muvizu is old ?? because itdon't have the boy or music
  4. Comment author
    • pakican - Over a year ago
    • hello I am from Indonesia and particularly liked the animation. but I am only a beginner and begin to look muvizu as a very easy program to falling. I then tried to make a simple movie as an exercise. then how do I get the constraints that the character can hold something like a TV remote, hold and dispose of the ball, opening doors, etc. Can you show me the tutorial?sorry my english just google translate results. may be understood. thanks for the solution.
  5. Comment author
    • Tauqeer Siddique - Over a year ago
    • can we add our own voice to the animated charecter by recording it on the computer???as i saw some videos and it was made on songs....
  6. Comment author
    • Tauqeer Siddique - Over a year ago
    • @MuvizuYT oo...i got ..thnxxx!!!
  7. Comment author Muvizu staff
    • Muvizu_Admin - Over a year ago
    • @tauqeersiddique Yes, it's easy. Muvizu has it's own built in sound recorder or you could use another program like Audacity or windows sound recorder to create a wav or mp3 to import into Muvizu.
  8. Comment author
    • rexiegall - Over a year ago
    • Do you have to buy extra content and pieces to create characters and can you make characters from scratch? I want to use the program to animate horses and people alike (may want to use for people riding horses, but overall just for physical contact between the two). Can I do that for free with the software?
  9. Comment author Muvizu staff
    • Muvizu_Admin - Over a year ago
    • This is the limitation of Muvizu - characters, at present, can not hold or interact with objects. Sorry.