Reason - Hector's Studio

by Hectorstudio
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Reason - Hector's Studio (Feb 2011)

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  1. Comment author
    • CerebralDump - Over a year ago
    • this is wicked. I like the way you have used the police box (tardis) as buildings. The motor cycle is a nice scene also. I think that goes to show that inventive and creative - even abstract usage of the features in Muvizu can really work.
  2. Comment author
    • Hectorstudio - Over a year ago
    • @CerebralDump You know... I was a Lego-addicted-boy... I was used to use everything in order to achieve my goals...
  3. Comment author
    • Hectorstudio - Over a year ago
    • @MuvizuMonkey Since they are on a street... It's easier to find an hydrant then a drum kit... Isn't it?
  4. Comment author
    • Emily - Over a year ago
    • Super smooth! It's cute that the robot is drumming on the hydrant :)
  5. Comment author
    • giannuzzo66 - Over a year ago
    • bello *****
  6. Comment author Muvizu staff
    • Muvizu_Admin - Over a year ago
    • Great Video! Really nice set and characters, looks really good. :)
  7. Comment author
    • Emily - Over a year ago
    • @HectorStudio1 hehe - true!
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