Stille Nacht

by Slobake
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A gentle video for Christmas. Not sure what I am doing wrong with the video quality as couldn't remember which codec I used for Lonesome Pine - Note to self 'eep a record'


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  1. Comment author Muvizu staff
    • Jamie - Over a year ago
    • very nice atmosphere, merry christmas!
  2. Comment author
    • Emily - Over a year ago
    • Very pretty :)
  3. Comment author
    • Slobake - Over a year ago
    • Because it is the Vienna Boys Choir - Next year I'll use a mixed sex choir. :-)
  4. Comment author Muvizu mogul Experimental user
    • ziggy72 - Over a year ago
    • This brought back traumatic memories of school choirs - I bleedin' hate christmas! (nicely done all the same)
  5. Comment author
  6. Comment author Muvizu staff
  7. Comment author
    • freshsmint - Over a year ago
    • Eine sympatische Brillenträger-Gang. :D
  8. Comment author
    • goldencherry77 - Over a year ago
    • Why they all dudes?