Importing from Sketchup Part 3: Complex Collision

by glasgowjim
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A guide on adding more complex collision to your models imported into Muvizu from Google Sketchup.


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  1. Comment author
    • The Honest Blogger! - Over a year ago
    • Thank you! When I do this I'm going to try to set the colliosion even closer... Are you covering the collors ass well?
  2. Comment author
    • Jolobodobs - Over a year ago
    • EPIC. thanks
  3. Comment author
    • Sarah Clayton - Over a year ago
    • Love it, good job.
  4. Comment author
    • spex357 - Over a year ago
    • Thanks ;-)
  5. Comment author
    • guido veltman - Over a year ago
    • how big may a file be to be imported
  6. Comment author
    • Emily - Over a year ago
    • Cheers Jim! Can't wait to try it out :)