The Wellie Boot Song

by glasgowjim
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This is a video of the first two verses of The Wellie Boot Song by The Big Yin Billy Connolly.

The animation was done with Muvizu 3D ( and the original audio was used.

Textures courtesy of CG Textures ( and Wikimedia Commons (


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  1. Comment author
    • Alexandra Wales - 10 months ago
    • I learnt at school
  2. Comment author
    • Sara Letham - Over a year ago
    • I was at my friends house and we started talking about famous Scott's and bully Connelly came up and they all started singing this song. I had never heard it in my life and just stared at them like they had lost the plot!
  3. Comment author Muvizu staff
  4. Comment author
    • TheRobbie39 - Over a year ago
    • lol singing it
  5. Comment author Muvizu staff
    • Jamie - Over a year ago
    • haha, love the song!
  6. Comment author
    • squares223 - Over a year ago
    • 2 people didn't have Wellies
  7. Comment author
    • england90111 - Over a year ago
    • awesome