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Muvizu chat

    • 10 months ago
    • How long will we still have to wait for the license keys to work? They asked to send an email, I sent it. Nothing solved. Unmotivated with muvizu
      • 10 months ago by Valero
      • Same here, I thought that once you send them your serial number they were going to do something, but I'm still waiting...
      • 9 months ago by Valero
      • It must be very complicated to get this fixed...I should come back and check in 6 months maybe?
    • 10 months ago
    • I have a license key but it is not working. What do I do?
    • Over a year ago
    • hello, I am unable to import the video in 1080p. When i export an error occurs and the exported video does not open. Anyone know how to solve?