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Muvizu chat

    • Over a year ago
    • hi PatMarrNC :)
      I apologize I do not speak English well ...
      What you say dear
      Of course you can ...
      But you find yourself from point zero ... if muvizu its financial tools and has every right to do so, can make us tools we buy them.../...
      • Over a year ago by nassim1
      • and where we can do what we want exactly ...
        I hope I'm in the right place to respond to your comments 🙂
    • Over a year ago
    • Muvizu is gorgeous,and Unique but But it lacks a lot stuff.., I hope Muvizu put the way to add bone as well as the system and make pose to pose animation ,Or at least opening the door for incorporation from the outside ...thanks Muvizu ...
      • Over a year ago by PatMarrNC
      • None of that is going to happen. It's a great system as-is, but you'll have to fill in the blanks with other tools, such as video editing or other animation software
      • Over a year ago by PatMarrNC
      • re: "incorporation from the ouitside"
        You can already combine the output from other animation software with your Muvizu output when you combine your scenes in a video editor