• 3 months ago
    • Hello,

      I cannot activate my license since it says it has been activated maximum number of times. I purchased first time and want use first time .. Please help me.
      • 3 months ago by Muvizu_Admin
      • Error E2 means that Muvizu was not able to write the licence file to your hard drive.

        To fix this, you need to run Muvizu as an administrator. Right click the Muvizu icon on your desktop and then click "Run as Administrator"
      • 3 months ago by Muvizu_Admin
      • Don't activate it again and again. I helped you fix the problem, you could try again.
      • 3 months ago by DigiFactor
      • Ok wht you need to do is message Muvizu Admin, and let them know whats going on, they will refresh your license key, then reinstall muvizu and activate it again!