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    • Over a year ago
    • Hello Team.
      Can we import cartoon characters in fbx or ase format and then animate it in MuViZu?

      Bcoz the library is limited.
      I thought of creating rigged characters
      And then animate it in MuViZu.
      Please help.
      • Over a year ago by PatMarrNC
      • Muvizu does not support the importing of rigged FBX. You can, however, animate your rigged character in other software and merge the clips in your video editor. You can also use modelled attachments to change the look of Muvizu characters
      • Over a year ago by PatMarrNC
      • you can also import characters in pieces then use keyframing to animate the pieces separately... but it is about as time consuming as real claymation.
      • Over a year ago by Ootesh
      • hi pat!
        Hope you are doing well.
        i thought of creating a transparent avi file
        for other characters and then animate it.
        it is time consuming. If only Muvizu could allow rigging and pose to pose animation in the application. That would be nice!!!


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