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    • 11 months ago
    • Audacity Question:

      I am using Audacity to record my voice for my animations. I need advice on how to make better recordings. Some videos are louder than others. I am using my laptop to record, should I invest in a comp mic with head phones?
      • 11 months ago by MrDrWho13
      • When you play back the recording, compare it the the volume of another video. If it needs adjusting, you can do that in audacity.
      • 11 months ago by PatMarrNC
      • the biggest consideration in recording (after getting a dependable mic) is getting a signal that is as hot as possible without clipping. the WAV you see should fill about 3/4 of the space available, but should never be flat on the top and bottom.
      • 11 months ago by Chas60
      • I have watched videos on using audacity. I have leaned from people that know their way around the program. Also, I intend on buy a headset w/ mic. My laptop is almost dead. I use my desktop. I want to buy a mic with headset without breaking the bank.
      • 11 months ago by Chas60
      • Thank you all for your help. Can u advise me on an affordable headset with mic. One person suggested one, but I cannot find it online.
      • 11 months ago by MrDrWho13
      • I'd just say type headset into Amazon and read the reviews.
      • 11 months ago by Chas60
      • I ordered a headset from Walmart. It should be arriving by the 18th. Thank you again for all your help.
    • Over a year ago
    • I saw a T Rex created by clay Triche. Will this be available any time soon?
      • Over a year ago by PatMarrNC
      • if you contact Clay directly by personal message, he might make it available to you.