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2021/3/2 21:36:58
That's it, I'm done. Hi,

I can only agree that Muvizu is dead. In the end of 2019 I received a mail from Meshmellow asking for suggestions for the new version that would come out in 2020, but I never heard anything about it again. That's the reason I didn't start on making a new movie, because I wanted to wait for the update. So sad they don't see the potential of Muvizu, I have never come across anything like it.

I don't understand why there is no 3D company jumping on this wagon. Digimania has created such a unique product, but China killed it by buying it without any knowledge of maintaining or improving it. Even keeping the forum free of spam is too much asked. I wonder what they do all day...
2020/9/19 20:48:07
3D-Modell Hi,

This is unfortunately not possible in Muvizu. You can only import static models.
2020/9/19 20:40:56
Kameraführung Hi,

It's probably easier to use key frames for that. You can buy the key frame expansion pack in the store, it makes handling cameras far more controllable.
2020/9/19 20:21:51
Hund Lippen synchronisieren Hi,

I think you should pick the dog character, instead of putting a face mask on.

2020/7/28 6:24:58
Seeing in the dark - new movie denyslunn1 wrote:
Very good. Great soundtrack, inspirational. Can we share to social media?

Thanks Denyslunn,

You're welcome to share it.

2020/7/17 18:38:52
Store User Assets I begin to think that the staff is no longer active on the website. Until a couple of weeks ago, spam was being removed, but now the spam is overflowing the forum and chat and not being deleted. I have no idea what's going on there in China.
2020/6/20 18:59:33
Can't install Muvizu on new computer It's not really that difficult, just follow the steps.
Don't you have a friend or family member with some computer knowledge who can assist you?
2020/6/18 20:03:50
Can't install Muvizu on new computer Hi theotherguy,

Did you read this? https://www.anizu.uk/muvizuactivation#transferdifferent
2020/6/6 21:48:09
AUDIO - UNKNOWN FORMAT....no it's not??? Oke.
What you can try first before uninstalling everything, is to install a version in a different folder to see if that works with the audio.
2020/6/6 18:44:50
AUDIO - UNKNOWN FORMAT....no it's not??? Hi Drewi,

I had a similar popup when I tried to load a just saved character as favorite. Could you try to see if you get the message if you try that?
Do you start muvizu with administrator rights? That did the trick with my favorites saving. I think it has to do with rights on certain windows folders.
2020/6/6 4:21:32
AUDIO - UNKNOWN FORMAT....no it's not??? Hi Drewi,

What does the error box tell?
I still use windows 7 and I have no issues with audio files.
2020/5/26 18:12:07
Help audio Hi Psicomia,

You can only use one audio track per character. So you need to combine your tracks in an audio editor like Audacity. Or you can render the movie in parts with first one track, then change the audio track and render the next part. Then you need to combine the parts in a video editor.

Hope this helps.

2020/5/5 0:59:41
Lip Sync Problems Hi Tim,

You should create 2 separate audio tracks. One track per character. The audio should be loud enough and the parts where the character doesn't speak should be absolute silence.

Then you import the tracks in Muvizu, assign the right track to the right character under "prepare dialogue" and set the speak icon to Talk for both characters.

Hope this helps.

2020/2/3 6:36:19
Seeing in the dark - new movie Hi Danny,

Thanks a lot for your kind words! I do intent to keep making movies as long as I can find nice stories.
2020/1/31 18:51:24
Seeing in the dark - new movie Thanks Clay, nice to hear you liked it!
2020/1/26 22:44:39
SECURE CRT: Invalid parameter detected. Hi Skuts,

This error relates probably to your video card. Do you have a 3D video card installed in your system?
2020/1/26 21:43:07
Seeing in the dark - new movie Hi all,

I've finished my latest movie, it is a road-movie about a Canadian young man who is being released from prison and is on his way home.
In this movie I've used a combination of Muvizu for the characters and Twinmotion for the backgrounds in most of the scenes.

enjoy the movie!

Seeing in the dark

2019/12/7 2:09:04
Hi Hi Alisa,

Welcome to the forum. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask.
2019/12/6 17:23:21
Can eyeryone see‘Latest from Twitter’on our site? Hello Admin,

It's not working here. I only see:

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2019/11/22 3:46:54
Website with my muvizu movies Thanks a lot Clay!
Nice to hear you like it.
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