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2016/8/2 17:42:43
Chicken test from Sinister amazing!!! Nice job!
2016/5/18 11:21:36
Lip Sync is out of sync on output Thanks Ian. I figured out the problem. It seems that the lip sync will go out of sync on rendered shots that are large. By rendering at around 10 seconds per shot, it seems to have eliminated the problem
2016/3/1 15:28:18
Lip Sync is out of sync on output Hi,

I've been having a problem with audio being really out of sync once I've output the video. I was doing a scene using the Muvizu prison cell , and noticed it kept happening when rendering on my desktop.

I tried having the scene render from my laptop, which is a much weaker machine, and that seemed to work. The sync was perfect. However, as I started to output more shots from the same scene, the same sync issue started to happen again.

Has anyone else experienced this or have any solutions?

Thanks in advance...
2015/12/13 14:52:05
Failed to load object from file The failed to load object from file seems to hit randomly. I just had it appear in a set I've saved and loaded multiple times since this error was pointed out. Really looking forward to this patch.
2015/12/7 20:54:39
Record button grayed out when trying to direct I had the same problem when trying to direct audio for a second character. Restarting seemed to solve the problem for me.
2015/11/30 18:31:03
Problem with SHUSH Timeline Also on dialogue preparation, it won't let you select SHUSH to start for the character . It automatically moves to TALK to start . Happens every single time.
2015/11/28 18:23:24
object could not load Just an FYI for everyone - The "Failed to load object from file error" also occurs in the previous release of Muvizu. Just found out the hard way
2015/11/27 16:25:59
sigh.... The problem is - if you save the old set using the last update , you can't open the old set with a previous release . I've tried and it I get an error saying it was saved in a newer version of Muvizu and can't be opened
2015/11/26 15:48:56
object could not load Thanks for the response. Hope it's soon.
2015/11/26 3:04:19
object could not load I just spent hours working on a set, saved it at each pass. Now I can't open it due to the "object could not load" error.

I downloaded the previous version of Muvizu to see if I could open the set with that version and that didn't work.

I get an error saying the set was saved in a newer version of Muvizu and can't be loaded.

Is there anything I can do ?

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2015/11/25 22:52:59
Problem with SHUSH Timeline Hello,

Since I upgraded, to the newest update...I'm having an issue with the SHUSH on the timeline while fine tuning the dialogue track.

I import all of my dialogue on one track, and then have each character sync to that . Here is the problem- When I go to fine tune the dialogue, on a part where one of the characters is speaking, at certain points it's showing up as SHUSH, even though the character is still speaking, and it's also showing up as speaking, when it should be SHUSH. It's not on the whole timeline, just parts of it.

Hope that makes sense. Has anyone else had this problem ?

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2015/10/3 15:10:34
How do I load chemistry set? I sent a support ticket in for this issue, and they extended the number of license uses I have, however this did not work and I still have the same problem
2015/10/2 20:54:17
How do I load chemistry set? Thanks, I tried that and now Muvizu is trying to get me to buy a new license, even though I already have a valid play+ license.

I emailed support.
2015/10/2 18:48:08
How do I load chemistry set? Hello,

I purchased chemistry set, and can't figure out how to open it. I clicked on it, it unzipped, saying it was okay, but I can't find it anywhere on Muvizu. Can someone help?

2015/8/21 20:31:39
Audio keeps going out of sync Hello,

Is anyone else having an issue with syncing dialogue ? Each time I get the characters synced, the characters go out of sync a little when I watch it on the timeline. I'm using .wav files and I sync all of the characters on one audio file...Never had this issue before on the earlier releases of Muvizu.
2015/7/22 14:56:31
6/7/15 release bugs Yes, there is no waveform on the audio, which makes it very difficult to precisely sync up the dialogue. For me, this is a bigger issue than any previous bug.
2015/7/17 21:47:49
Help moving a ball into the air Thanks for the advice!

I ended up making a character invisible, attaching the ball as a hat, used the "blast from the right" animation to get it to move through the air.
2015/7/14 6:06:54
Help moving a ball into the air Hi all,

I'm trying to get a soccer ball kicked from the ground into the air Each time I try, the ball goes into the air, but moves like a balloon taking off, really slow and without any rotation. Does anybody have any ideas or can help me with this?
Thanks in advance!
2015/7/13 0:45:57
prepare sound effects not working It's not working for me either
2015/5/19 0:35:20
Anti-Aliasing is not working on new PC Hi Drewi and Rebel,

I apologize for not replying to the earlier. I've been out of town.

I do have the latest drivers for my card, and I did try outputting the videos with multiple codecs and they all had the aliasing. At this point, I think I'm just going to end up directing the scenes on my pc and then do the rendering on my laptop. This will be a slow process but it's better than the alternative.

Thanks again everyone for your help! You guys are awesome!
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