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20/03/2017 15:56:27
Stanley Ipkiss - Meeting with the Boss Hello all,

here is my new movie.

08/08/2015 13:19:37
Muvizu World (fan produced trailer) Hello all together,

I habe a new youtube channel

and I have uploaded ("Muvizu World (fan produced trailer") again.

12/05/2015 11:52:38
Muvizu World (fan produced trailer) Thank you MrDrWho13
I am very happy that you like it.
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11/05/2015 16:14:33
Muvizu World (fan produced trailer) Hello all together,

I have a new youtube channel and I have uploaded "Muvizu World (fan produced trailer) again.
Here is the new Link:

It's a fan produced trailer for Muvizu. A amazing tool for animation movies.
Only in english voice.
At the end of the video follow a "User Showreel"
I thank to the appropriate users , allowing me to show excerpts from her films .

I hope you like it.

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edited by DoublePrimePictures on 08/08/2015
29/03/2015 09:39:22
top quality muvizu animation The film is fabulous you succeeded.
Also really great animations.
Excellent work.
20/03/2015 05:25:58
Buzzball D 2 Unique implemented.
20/03/2015 05:12:47
Muvizu at the Cinema Looks great.
05/10/2014 13:39:26
(Casting call) Muvizu World Hello all together,

for my new project, I serch 5 Voice-Actors and 1 Voice-Actress.
The script consists of 4 pages.


Oliver Hardy -
(lots of text)

Stan Laurel -
(a little less text)

Narrator -
(one phrases)

Will Kirkshatt -
(some text)

Mr. Bacon -
(two phrases)

Miss Uhu -
(one phrases)

This film is more of an Homemade on Muvizu.

Thanks in Advance
04/10/2014 18:35:33
The Old School guy Wow, that was a great hip hop music video.
Cool staged. Great entertainment.
Awesome job.
04/10/2014 12:50:30
Eggs? I am very impressed.
Great camera and light work. A fabulous production.
03/10/2014 18:56:43
Buzzball Exellent Stuff.
28/09/2014 18:00:44
Coming Soon... A very good teaser.
I look forward to the movie.
28/09/2014 17:43:39
Akihabara Romance Nice music video.
31/07/2014 10:40:32
Laurel & Hardy - Gangnam Style Thank you, Video567 for your comment.
I have long had nothing done with Muvizu. The video is more so meant as a test.
There are many things to improve and I'll keep practicing.
29/07/2014 08:58:25
Laurel & Hardy - Gangnam Style Thank you Teesa

I am very pleased that you like it.
28/07/2014 20:48:32
Laurel & Hardy - Gangnam Style Hello all together,

I would like to introduce you my new project.
It is my second Muvizu project.

Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy dance Gangnam Style in her own way.

Have fun.
24/07/2014 15:18:53
the man who lived twice A fantastic adaption. Really brilliant.
24/07/2014 14:59:14
great song animation A very good music video. Beautifully staged. I like very much.
13/07/2014 07:19:27
RenderDigimania That would be a great thing.
12/07/2014 07:45:24
Copyright filchers! Luckily it went well.
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