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28/05/2017 16:37:17
Error W2 License Key, Need Help Please ! Amissimal wrote:
It´s quite funny that it´s harder to purchase Muvizu than to get a cracked one for free...

Sorry? There's not a cracked version as far as I know. Have you found one?
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25/05/2017 19:24:38
Error W2 License Key, Need Help Please ! Ah this is going to be bad news I'm afraid.
There are several problems which make it almost impossible to fix this currently. First of all, you've hit the 10 activation limit on your licence key. Usually you would be able to contact the support team to request an extension. However, Digimania (The company which made Muvizu) recently went into administration. This means the former support staff and developers were made redundant. Adding to this, sales have been suspended, so you can't currently buy a new key even if you wanted to.
Secondly, Muvizu stores a unique file on your computer called playplus.lic which generates a code unique to your computer's motherboard. This is stored in C:\Program Files\Muvizu Play\MuvizuGame\Licence which would have been deleted when you uninstalled Muvizu.

So your options are as follows:
  • Use some data recovery software (such as Recuva ) to attempt to recover this file. I would advise you install this on another hard drive or USB drive if possible to reduce the chance of the file being overwritten. This may not be possible because installing Muvizu again or any files you've edited or created in the meantime could have overwritten the licence file.
  • Wait for new developments on what is happening to Muvizu. A new company could buy it and continue selling the software.
  • Use this older free version of Muvizu which has limited features and outputs videos with a watermark: (any sets made or edited in newer versions will not open in this version)

Sorry that there's not a certain way to activate Muvizu. I would advise trying the first option as soon as possible.
23/05/2017 12:20:06
Unlimited licencing question There's no expiration date but your licence has a hard limit of 10 activations. (This includes any attempts which come up with error codes)
After the 10th activation attempt, you will get error W2 which you can't fix.
If you re-install Muvizu on your computer at any point, remember to transfer the "licence" folder found in "muvizugame" in the main Muvizu install folder. This won't count against your activation attempts but will only work on the computer where the licence was originally activated.

People are asking for that limit of 10 to be removed so they can install to any new computers they get in the future. The administrators won't be reading these comments and it's up to whoever buys the company. They may well continue selling licences as it was before.
17/05/2017 09:38:15
Muvizu now importing models more cleanly If you don't have it already, here is a .ase exporter plugin for Sketchup 2017 which makes the collision very small to stop objects bumping into each other: (It's a bit of a bodge of the older exporter, and I plan to re-enable the option to let Muvizu make a collision mesh when I next find time)

The latest version of Muvizu (March 2017) does support .obj files, although they're less reliable than .fbx from what I've heard. I doubt that Muvizu will have the ability to import .skp files in the future.
13/05/2017 09:20:24
Recommended laptop for Muvizu Hi

What budget are you looking at?
08/05/2017 18:46:24
MrDrWho13 wrote:

I've tried this a couple of times and it seems to work just fine as long as it's on the same computer as the original copy of Muvizu.

Thanks for the tip, MrDrWho13! Is the rationale for installing a second copy of muvizu on the same computer -- under a different name -- in case one version gets corrupt?

It's long standing advice from the forum because, in the past, new versions have had severe bugs so it was always best to install a second version to test out before upgrading.
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08/05/2017 07:05:35
I have my license key, but am unsure how to safely reinstall muvizu. Do I go to my downloads file on my hard drive and reactivate my original install? If I understand correctly, it's not a question of doing an update, but of using my original license key to install from scratch. Should I delete the program from my hard drive before reinstalling from the downloads area?

Thanks for any tips!


As Pat said, we wouldn't like you to lose your copy of Muvizu from a re-install. However, if you did want to re-install but keep your licence, you should be able to copy the licence file over with no problems.
First you should install another copy of Muvizu under a different name (An option will come up near the start of the installation process). The default is Muvizu Play. In the old Muvizu install folder, you should see another folder named MuvizuGame. Inside the the MuvizuGame folder, you will find a Licence folder which you can copy and paste into the new Muvizu folder.
I've tried this a couple of times and it seems to work just fine as long as it's on the same computer as the original copy of Muvizu.
06/05/2017 11:11:02
Update from 2017.03.31 ? Ok I've just been through the installers and the latest version which retains the features is 1.6 patch 3 (17th November 2015).
It seems they locked it down at the start of 2016.
Here's a link to that release:
Although you might just want to stick with the one you have because I'm not sure there were any improvements between these versions. You can see the changelogs here:
06/05/2017 10:45:42
Update from 2017.03.31 ? Do you know which version you currently have? (You can find it by going to the question mark menu in the top right then "about Muvizu" - the release date would be useful)
06/05/2017 10:40:56
Update from 2017.03.31 ? rogdodge wrote:
MrDrWho13 wrote:
@rogdodge Is your 2015 copy play+?

It is the trial version. Normal Muvizu Play.
Might it be because I included an object I had created, namely a poster on the wall. I think it was a .jpg. Not sure how I did it now. I have also noticed many of the objects, characters etc available in 2015 are not available in this update but only for Play+. This might also explain why I cannot load the clip. Perhaps I have made a mistake and that 2017 is a more limited trial than 2015.
Thank you, MrDrWho13

Yeah you're right. I'm not sure exactly when it happened but at some point they locked down the free version to only the bare minimum to force people to buy the new version. I'll have a look through my installers to see if there is a newer one which retains the standard features in the free version.
06/05/2017 08:37:38
Update from 2017.03.31 ? @rogdodge Is your 2015 copy play+?
05/05/2017 09:12:52
Import object from another set Hi
You should be able to add it to your favourites by right clicking the ball then clicking edit.
Next, open the scene that you would like to put the ball in, and go to create-->objects then find the favourites tab (I think it's at the top)
04/05/2017 10:46:44
Direct eye lasers First you need to turn it on by right clicking the character, going to the effects section on the left, then selecting the laser eyes thing.
Next, you want to enable it to be animated in the "prepare character properties" menu. You'll want the "enable" option. Then you can click "switch to direct" and direct it similarly to the other things in Muvizu.

This guide explains it better:
03/05/2017 20:37:50
can not install due to: billipock7483 wrote:
1. Microsoft net 4 already installed as paert of operating system
2. same or higher .net

I would really like to try this program how do I resolve this issue?

Just untick the box which mentions .net during the installation.
03/05/2017 19:09:12
Sketchup to Muvizu Hey guys,
I know the old ZiggyMesh exporter doesn't work with Sketchup 2017, so I modified the existing Muvizu .ase Sketchup exporter to export with this "matchbox" collision.
Here's the link to the new version: (Compatible with Sketchup 2014+, just go to Window -> Extension Manager -> Install Extension and choose this file)
I plan to re-enable the option to export with no collision so that Muvizu generates its own.
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03/05/2017 16:51:37
Desbois wrote:
To answer Drewi, this application is part of the last update of windows 10, just open paint net and click on the icon (paint net 3D).

Interesting. I just looked at both of my windows 10 computers, and neither of them has this program. Is it necessary to download and install PAINT.NET in order for the windows update to include this?

Hi pat, it's not related to Microsoft have halted the rollout of the newest version of Windows 10 because there are a few bugs (mostly related to old hardware). You can force the update by going to the update section of the windows 10 settings menu.
26/04/2017 17:37:28
Announcement retireno wrote:
Thanks for the update.

I already have a copy of the application (downloaded it a few days ago).

My question is, can I still purchase a license with no problem (not receiving serial key)?

I was about to purchase til I saw this announcement.

If you try to buy it, it will say "purchasing has been temporarily suspended" so you can't buy it.
25/04/2017 19:02:53
Digimania has gone into administration zuijlen wrote:
Let me say first of all that I was shocked to learn about Muvizu, and that I'm sorry for the Muvizu users. Muvizu wasn't for me, but I always considered it a sympathetic product. Hopefully a buyer can be found and so that the product will continue.
So while I understand you are upset, why trash other products? iClone users like myself have feelings too. In the hands of a talented person iClone is very capable and it is continuously improving, but it's different from Muvizu, which is only a good thing. I don't believe in animation having to look a particular way. Diversity is the key.

I'm not sure he was completely trashing iClone. However, Muvizu almost forces you to give the characters a bit of "personality" - taking some of the control away from the user as a way to make the whole film-making process simpler and faster.
With iClone, you have to manually add the elements of emotion. I agree with you that there always needs to be diversity. Neither product could have got this far if it were just a clone of something else.
24/04/2017 18:22:35
Video Tutorials I think they were replaced by the basic training series
24/04/2017 14:24:10
Announcement Thank you for the official announcement. We'll see what happens.
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