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2017/3/1 10:11:10
picture change background its not working. when i switch the picture the old one is gone...
2017/2/18 11:11:10
picture change background hi
can i change pictures in the background in a video?
i like that the pictures are changing during a video.
but when i upload a new picture the old picture is gone and i have just the new picture during the complete video

2017/1/29 22:13:19
sitting sleeping Is there a good way to put somebody on a chaire ore in a bed?? Its difficult if you use the - cab stand on it.. the character is flying iver the chair ore bed... if i use books and make them transparent its very difficult...
2017/1/24 6:26:42
motorbike Motorbike is working bug tge scooter makes me crazy and i gave up....
2017/1/22 20:01:36
motorbike Yes i know.
But when i use the option biker he hold the arms forward for two seconds...
2017/1/22 11:09:33
New Character Looks grate. If you like to make songoku... i need one :-)
2017/1/22 10:24:45
german voiceover Hi
Ich suche stimmen für meine serie..
2017/1/22 8:03:07
motorbike Thanks a lot. But what i have to do that the character hold the arms forward??
2017/1/21 19:46:45
background thanks a lot
2017/1/21 15:27:24
motorbike How can i put the hands to the handle from a motorbike.. i have the dog sitting on the scooter but the hands are not right...
2017/1/21 14:37:59
motorbike i cant use the motorbikeanimations...

i try to use the scooter with the dog. no chance... is there a tutorialvideo??
2017/1/21 14:06:53
background can i upload a video and use it as background in muvizu??
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2017/1/11 13:09:30
superman Where can i find superman?? I found batman but where is siperman?? There are some supermanvideos on youtube and he looks always the same... where can i download him??
2017/1/10 19:42:21
dragonball hi
iam new here. sorry for my english.
i worked before with goanimte...

old video...

where can i get some dragonball stuff like songokus hair and kamehameha would be grate
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