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04/02/2017 17:49:39
Quick shot with a cellphone Really odd. He's had a few videos, but they always come up as private.
17/01/2017 15:07:34
Hello and a copyright question If it is posted in the Muvizu Store (as free), then it's is free to use. Just make sure you credit the creator (it's not required, but it would be a nice thing to do.)
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17/01/2017 13:31:52
Missing messages in the Chat bigwally wrote:
Why are certain messages missing from the Chat area? They were there yesterday, now they're gone.

I think I've figured it out. The original poster has the ability to delete his own posts which means all responses are also deleted (duh!).

This leads me to another question. Can we block someone on Muvizu? Is that even possible?
17/01/2017 12:33:42
Missing messages in the Chat Why are certain messages missing from the Chat area? They were there yesterday, now they're gone.
15/01/2017 23:37:42
Two Problems maybe to do with resolution ? Finally! Someone listened!
15/01/2017 19:23:01
Help loading video..... I use Xilisoft Ultimate Converter to make my .avi's work in Muvizu. I posted this before, but the person's in then discussions didn't want to know. It works 100% of the time for me, but some of us choose to be difficult.

You must ignore your instincts and just try it.
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12/01/2017 04:28:25
How to create dialog tracks with Audacity The following apology is from John H. Collins (aka: BigWally)

I wish to humbly apologize for anything I said untoward anyone who speaks in Scottish accents. My comment was a wayward attempt at humor and I have a high regard for the Scots. In fact, I am part Scottish. I have many Scottish friends. Once again, I humbly apologize.

Anime Sweat
12/01/2017 04:21:08
How to create dialog tracks with Audacity Very straight forward and direct! Not fancy and flashy, but to the point. I wish all demos were like this. (And no Scottish accents!)
05/01/2017 23:04:31
AVI import cropped and doubled jane-doe wrote:

Very interesting, this Muvizu. But I must say that patience, fortitude and determination are key.

Having read sufficient posts to understand the method to prepare an AVI for import, success was achieved.

Now the big challenge is that the imported AVI is cut off in the horizontal center and the cut off video appears twice - side by side. The video is also very small, even though produced at a large size.

Then I would have to disagree, you weren't successful. :P

Before anything else, you need to explain just exactly what you did to achieve these results. And what you are trying to do in the first place.
22/12/2016 03:59:12
DANGER!!! (New video) Part Two of "Nick Danger - Lost Gals" now on YouTube. Our intrepid detective is "interrogated" by Lt.
Bradshaw and his goons after his bride is bride-napped. Nick ends up striking a deal with Bradshaw.

Don't forget to comment and subscribe!

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03/12/2016 22:49:10
WHERE ARE YOU? Living in middle Tennessee. Sure beats Phoenix, AZ (Hell on Earth). Hobby is cartooning that went nowhere.
18/11/2016 12:20:11
Apologize Speedking5 wrote:
clayster2012 wrote:
tonyob67 wrote:
Do not go, you are more useful in this forum than those who judge you, they are only 2 and one is gone, I bought some of your sets with my prize and I do not bother, if you noticed that you were doing something wrong Without knowing it for me there is no problem, you have helped me a lot and I thank you ... You have a great boy, you have to be a great father, congratulations. If you get to leave the forum tell me if you have your own forum to join me


Yeah Please dont delete your account. Alot of us like you and

You have already said what you had to say about it.

I don't want you to leave as well Clay. Thumbs Up When you boil it all down, Muvizu is a filmmaking thing, not a 3D modelling thing. Discussions here have concentrated towards the making of models as opposed to making films. (Mind you, I really did not mind, it helps others who are not so knowledgeable in that area). I'm kind of surprised how much others have gotten sooooo butthurt over this.
04/11/2016 15:12:20
Software keeps un-resgistering itself mooveezz45 wrote:
I just purchased your softrware and the Spline addin,...

Excuse my ignorance, but what is the "spline" addin?
03/10/2016 11:22:33
Muvizu Halloween Contest 2016 Entries MrDrWho13 wrote:
It's October already, but there's still plenty of time.
If you've just started with Muvizu, remember your film doesn't need to be blockbuster length!

Great example of a 10-second video!
02/10/2016 14:22:09
error saving the scene Not having a problem with it on my end.

I also have the full registered, 2016.09.07.01R version on a 64-bit win7 machine.
20/09/2016 12:59:35
Halloween contest...? A Halloween competition would be great. I wouldn't put much faith in Muvizu getting behind almost anything nowadays. You know, I'm the last one to ever say anything negative about Muvizu, but they seem to be too busy other than selling the product.
13/09/2016 12:06:19
Muvizu Update September 2016 And layers working on a DX9 computer! Not only fixed things, you've made it better.
Now I just need to learn more about using them.

Great job!
05/09/2016 23:28:08
An open Letter to Muvizu's developers PatMarrNC wrote:
Am I correct in interpreting this to mean that your focus has shifted entirely away from end users and development now serves education exclusively?

I don't think that's what was said.
29/08/2016 23:05:20
Confused If the latest download of Muvizu:Play is so horrible, and the regulars and staff recommend not downloading it, why oh, why is it still available on the web site? And if we already have the previous version loaded in our computers, how will we know that there's a newer version available when it is released? Will the staff inform us (so far, they haven't with any new versions)?
25/08/2016 04:48:39
When importing mp3 get error message mrpmichaels wrote:
Apologies for writing on your post but i'm trying to work out to create a new post and can't find the 'create new post'

Go here:
Choose your category.
Click on "New Topic"
And there you are.
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