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14/05/2017 21:22:17
Spaceman Someone left the the cake out in the rain.
08/05/2017 10:59:27
Import object from another set In the past, I've had the same problem (i.e.; copy and paste to another set would not work and you couldn't save objects to 'Favorites') and I suspect it may have been an older version of Play+. So I always thought that was the way it was on subsequent versions.rant

Imagine my surprise this morning, when I read this thread.Big Grin Both work on my version.

My current version: MZSS - 1.9 - build: 2016.12.07.01R (64-bit)
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24/04/2017 21:43:05
Need a video camera (prop). Yes, yes, yes! That's exactly what I need!

My e-address:
Of course you'll get a "thanks" on the finished film.

Thanks again!
24/04/2017 12:21:10
Need a video camera (prop). I am not the handiest when it comes to props, but I usually do okay, until now. I need a video camera that can be placed on the shoulder of a potato-head character for a 2 second shot. Someone who better versed at Sketchup or other software. Anyone?
20/04/2017 02:29:13
Digimania has gone into administration richinri wrote:
I got this on March 6th

Yes, but it's now April 19th.
18/04/2017 18:02:13
Digimania has gone into administration Boy, this is a strange, cryptic message. Hello Dreeko, what's up?
17/04/2017 18:07:30
A New Video from Toschek Das ist gut.
17/04/2017 17:55:32
Cant do much with groups, WHY? Gotcha. I found out for myself. I rarely use grouping and it surprised me on how limited it is.
17/04/2017 10:49:05
Cant do much with groups, WHY? "If you absolutely MUST make moves when lots of meticulously positioned items are close together, move it via keyframing."

Pat, you are talking about moving objects that are not in groups. Or can you move groups using keyframing? I've tried, but it doesn't work.
12/04/2017 13:20:23
Critiques please... First Video!! Good first-time video. Don't forget to animate your character's eyes. Don't want 'dead eyes' like I do sometimes.Roll Eyes (Sarcastic)
08/04/2017 18:48:27
Old user of Xtranormal Xtranormal seems to be up again, but it doesn't seem to be the same. And of course you have pay a lot of money to use it. Only $9.99 per month if you are a student. $1995 (and up), per year, for the pro version. Of course that means they will fail.
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08/04/2017 03:59:18
Old user of Xtranormal Welcome to Muvizu!
08/04/2017 00:58:12
3DWarehouse no longer support dwnload to Sketchup8 This is what I do.

I download the model I want using the Sketchup 2017 format. Load the model into 'Sketchup Make'. Export the model from 'Sketchup Make' in the 'Sketchup 8' format. Load it into 'Sketchup 8' and process from there.

Sketchup Make
Sketchup 8
27/03/2017 16:45:32
27/3/17 today only drewi wrote:
Giveaway of the day-free today a program that i think you all should get .believe me.
Filter forge 5 pro.Get this prog now...dooid it doo ut......errm du yt!.
it will allow you to download thousands of textures all of which are editable and the prog is both standalone and can be a plug in for photoshop.Cool
19/03/2017 22:05:01
Nick Danger - Lost Gals (Part 3) Now showing at your local web browser...

16/03/2017 17:59:24
Help loading video..... comictude wrote:
OK, so count me into the many who wish this adding a video to a backdrop worked.

FYI - So first I went to HitFilm but left without trying it when I saw the price. Then I went to Xilisoft Ultimate Converter and downloaded a free trial and converted a small video to .avi and tried to put it on a backdrop. It didn't work and only showed a small 1/4" line at the bottom of the backdrop.

First, choose AVI for your converted video. On the left-hand side of the program, under Profile, click on the Video Codec and a list of codecs will appear. Change this to "Microsoft MPEG-4". Convert.
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03/03/2017 10:30:47
Can I add a picture to a character ? There is a pumpkin head attachment in Muvizu.
04/02/2017 17:49:39
Quick shot with a cellphone Really odd. He's had a few videos, but they always come up as private.
17/01/2017 15:07:34
Hello and a copyright question If it is posted in the Muvizu Store (as free), then it's is free to use. Just make sure you credit the creator (it's not required, but it would be a nice thing to do.)
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17/01/2017 13:31:52
Missing messages in the Chat bigwally wrote:
Why are certain messages missing from the Chat area? They were there yesterday, now they're gone.

I think I've figured it out. The original poster has the ability to delete his own posts which means all responses are also deleted (duh!).

This leads me to another question. Can we block someone on Muvizu? Is that even possible?
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