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23/01/2017 16:03:47
Muvizu on Steam doby wrote:
MrDrWho13 wrote:
If you're looking for free Steam games, download Team Fortress 2. Some of us have 1400hrs clocked on it. Twitchy

Play it all the time!

I wish I had time to devote to becoming addicted to another game!! I would be there with you. Now we know where to find missing Muvizu artists.
23/01/2017 15:59:08
DK Animated Movie series I usually agree with you, Pat, and to some extent on this post I do and definitely see and respect your point of view. I also appreciate sonosublime's reply and posting this in general.

I think someone else mentioned the platform used in May, because I visited the site then but decided it was not for me because all I saw was soldier or war related, so it was interesting to see a different type of offering. The first thing to catch my mind was that sonosublime stated that he spent a couple of years so far on this series. Well a couple of years to make 6 animations is a lot of time, so that lends itself to the difficulty of using the product.

While I was watching the series I kept asking myself the question: "Could this have been created using Muvizu?" I know there are several artists here who could create this type of series. I am not inviting anyone to copy this work, but simply saying that all the tools are here on Muvizu, or on the compositing tools that so many use to create fun series such as this one.

The writing held my attention and has appeal to all ages. I especially enjoyed the kid friendly nature of what I saw. I had some questions as to the use of music that might be copy-written, since YT will not show my videos that I have made using some of my favorite songs, so those remain for my enjoyment only. For that reason alone I am not sure how long they will remain for public viewing in the USA.

My take on the sharing of this series, is that I learned by watching it. I laughed at parts, and enjoyed the use of the sounds/music since it added so much. I also learned by Pat's comments, which I feel were written from the heart, and made sense. I had to question how I felt about the whole thing and that lead to this comment.

I am hoping that the sharing of this type of video will inspire viewers to want to create series on Muvizu. We have seen what Clayster can create with his Alien Grey series, and those have been fun, so maybe we will see more. I admire anyone who will spend a couple of years working on a project. It is my feeling that sonosulime is looking for views and not attempting to drive people to another platform. Hopefully they will want to create some type of series using Muvizu now that they have proven that they can definitely write a great series, and get a team of people to collaborate on it with them. It is very inspiring.
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23/01/2017 15:07:05
USING HIT FILM WITH MUVIZU maurice8th wrote:
WOW, Ziggy72! Twilight's Last Gleaming is an awesome short! If you're not submitting this to film festivals, you certainly should! I'm looking into Hit Film tutorials right now to see what enhancements they can make on upcoming projects.

Thanks for updating this thread Maurice. It was nice to come back to and see how Ziggy shared all of his magic moments in Twilight's Last Gleaming. I would like to see Ziggy's work entered in some Film festivals, too. Muvizu is a great community because of the willingness of everyone to share their "magical" techniques.

I hope you will be sharing your projects with us, too, Maurice. I know that if you need help there are people here who can get you through any hurdles you find in using the studio.
23/01/2017 14:37:10
getting into "the zone" for creativity... It used to be really easy to get into "the zone" when I used another animating program, but then the prices made it out of my budget for a hobby. I think life was more fun then, too. I would get a funny email or see something happen at work, and want to make an animation about it. It was easy to set up my scenes and the voices, or find people who would volunteer to record lines.

I still did not rush through the animations, but they seemed easier to set up. I have a plan to get back into "the zone" but it requires spending the necessary time and getting a new start with Muvizu. I see people doing things here with camera work that I have not been able to do, so I know somehow it has to be possible, but I have not learned it yet.

I watched Pro Hockey teams practice after losing a few games, and their practice started out looking like basic kids hockey, standing not to far apart and passing the puck back and forth. They went back to basics and progressed from there. I never thought I would see pro athletes doing simple drills, but you could see the improvement taking place.

My "zone" will be to become comfortable using Muvizu, and then the creativity zone will hopefully not be so easily destroyed. Lately each project I have started became bogged down by something as easy (?) as creating sets. So I stop because my time to be creative ran out, and something in the rat race demanded my attention.

I think I am stuck in the bogged down state.
21/01/2017 03:39:29
WAV file associated with image sequence Hit Film lets you separate the sound tracks from the film, so it is possible to add more sounds, or duplicate the sound if it is a dog barking or something like that. I made a job application video using PowToons last weekend, and the sound track there also took the most work.

I thought for sure having a job application video would get me an interview but I was wrong. Maybe I should have used Muvizu.

Thanks for taking the time to experiment with ways that make using Muvizu easier for those of us who do not have a lot of time to test things out. Please keep letting us know what you find out about using Muvizu.
21/01/2017 03:32:46
Experiments in 3D Animation and Storytelling Thanks for sharing this. How did you get so much in the first segment where you were panning back and forth? That was a lot of "stuff" in one scene. I am very impressed. Your camera work looked very smooth, and I enjoyed watching all the different techniques that you were experimenting with.
17/01/2017 00:15:07
Igricheff My French language is limited so I will say Bonjour, and that is about all unless I go to Google translate. It is nice to have you here with us.
12/01/2017 13:45:54
How to create dialog tracks with Audacity primaveranz wrote:

That'll be how Andy Murray won it then

Andy Murray=a typical ordinary human until aliens from space transformed him into a Scotsman!
They had to wait years to finally transform the right one. Most went off to fight wars or became
stand up comics, or animators...haha.

Never argue with a Monty Python skit because they are just much too silly.
12/01/2017 04:53:02
How to create dialog tracks with Audacity bigwally wrote:
The following apology is from John H. Collins (aka: BigWally)

I wish to humbly apologize for anything I said untoward anyone who speaks in Scottish accents. My comment was a wayward attempt at humor and I have a high regard for the Scots. In fact, I am part Scottish. I have many Scottish friends. Once again, I humbly apologize.

Anime Sweat

Going off on another direction, but your disclaimer made me do it.
I just spent 10 minutes on a clever reply to this, but I guess it insulted my computer that I also have a high regard for, and magically my post disappeared. Oh well, it probably was for the best.
It is a shame that we can not have humor for the sake of humor anymore, and have to have disclaimers or apologize in advance for those we might offend because we are being funny.

Did you know that a Scotsman had never won at Wimbledon so aliens started turning people into them? This is how it started.
12/01/2017 04:27:14
How to create dialog tracks with Audacity PatMarrNC wrote:
gee, you sure know how to say all the stuff I want to hear, Rocque! Thank you for your kindness!

Ya da Ma'am!

So when you need a cute girl voice I will volunteer mine. I am not sure how cute it will be. That depends on pitch adjustments and the character you design. Clayster has promised me I can be a cow again, and his cows are awfully cute!! It will take some effort to go beyond the Clayster cows, but that is the fun and challenge of voice acting. Now it will be even easier with your tutorial I won't have a window open for each line I record. This will be a huge time saver.
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12/01/2017 04:04:29
How to create dialog tracks with Audacity Pat,
Thank you so much for this tutorial. I learned a lot from it. I usually make individual files one at a time with Audacity and it takes me a long time to do it that way. That was excellent and is going to help me in the future. I could never get Muvizu to give my files different names either. Maybe they fixed that. Or maybe it was because I save as MP3 files. It was never easy at all. I think I would only make one dialog and then record that sequence with the one line, then make a new sequence.

When I do have time to start making more animations this is going to help a lot.
10/01/2017 02:22:05
Japanese song Unfinished project from last year. Hello Speedking5,

Definitely keep working on this. I am enjoying the techniques.
09/01/2017 14:52:19
WHERE ARE YOU? Yay, another So. Cal. person. It is nice to meet you. I have a friend with the same name and last initial who is a teacher. We go stand up paddling together. It sounds like you will do fine in your classes. I will be here to encourage you. If I had it all to do over again I would be going into some sort of film editing or definitely more animation.

I look forward to watching your progress. You will find everyone on this site is encouraging, so be sure to share with us.
Have fun in college.
07/01/2017 19:47:57
Your sets are great. I like all the available views that you created.
06/01/2017 05:53:49
AVI import cropped and doubled I remember having those results when I started and loaded my files into Windows Movie Maker. It was a total disaster. I also thought I could add bits and pieces of videos back into Muvizu and join them here some how. I was wrong again.

The people in the forum helped me to get my first video finished by introducing me to a free compositing (editing) program/software that was a step up from Movie Maker and Camtasia. I also attempted to edit in YouTube but that was not a good experience.

I think the majority of people on the forum agree to make your film in short segments and save is as an image sequence, then add it to your video editing software. Yes, it is a not a fast easy process as the introductory tutorials lead you to believe. I thought, woo hoo, give me 2 hours and I will have a masterpiece (well maybe not quite that naive, but close).

Once you get used to making the film in storyboard type segments, that you are going to piece together, then you will stop having the types of images that you shared. Once again I had the same exact results. It was very frustrating.

Edited part:
OOPS...I thought about deleting this, because you are importing your .avi back into Muvizu. Not exporting as an avi file. I remember having that type of look though as mentioned above.

I am sure that the accomplished users here can help you get over the difficulties you are having.
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06/01/2017 05:40:04
WHERE ARE YOU? primaveranz wrote:
PatMarrNC wrote:
I find it interesting that so many of us are also musicians!

And Banjo players!

I think a Banjo player qualifies as a musician!!! It is nice to learn where everyone is from, and what we have in common. All the musicians should find a way to collaborate on a song. I bet it could be done, then we could have our very own Muvizu theme song for collaboration animations, even if it was for the end credits or opening. Something easy for me to say since I never really got very good at playing an instrument.

I am very sorry to hear about losing a life partner (Pat and Comictude), and watched what my dad went through when my mother died. It is a horrible experience to lose someone you love and share so much with. I have memories of showing my mother cartoons I made on Go!Animate, and she was definitely my best audience, and just thinking about it makes me smile. She was definitely my best friend, and even after 4 years I still want to call her up every day.

What types of stories did you write Comictude? I would like to be able to start and finish writing one book, but lately am writing math curriculum for Geometry, and hopefully it will benefit students who struggle with the subject.

It seems we have people who live in areas with the most rain on this forum, and then I live where I watch the rain clouds pass by. Finally this year we are having more rain then in a long long time, so it is making a difference.

Thanks to everyone who is sharing a bit about themselves here. It makes the forum a lot more fun.
04/01/2017 00:15:53
50% off! Black Friday Sale There are great suggestions here. It would be awesome to be able to edit the timeline as Pat suggested. Go!Animate had that feature and it was so easy to edit right on the timeline.

HitFilm has an easier to edit timeline, and that is where most of my cutting and pasting takes place. It is easy to lengthen a segment or make it roll faster without having to start over, but it takes time to get comfortable with, too.
02/01/2017 22:29:03
Lip Sync Nightmare Comictude,
I hate to see anyone who is active on the forums leave, but I can understand the frustration. I hope that you will return to let us know what you found, and to show us what you are creating.
I watch a lot of videos created by Muvizu users and the lip syncing never seems to bother me at all. Maybe it is because I enjoy Anime where I almost always have the Closed Caption going so I can read what they are saying. The lip syncing on Anime is always off, but I still love to watch it.

A few people here talk about the importance of the story, and I feel that carries the animations I have seen. I am always amazed by the end results I have been able to see by the artists here. They do a great job, and most of them will answer any question and share their techniques.

You can not beat this community, and to me that is worth the price of admission. It is only a one time fee. I have learned more by being in this community in a short time than I would have had to pay a lot more for in a university course. Plus, it is always here to come back to.
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02/01/2017 22:19:06
50% off! Black Friday Sale So far the suggestions do not seem out of line. I think the reason I hate to start anything is because it takes me so long to complete it. I would like to be able to create my own scenes in Muvizu and resize objects easier, zoom and pan, without having to be a master at moving the mouse or direction arrows.

I probably should not complain too much, because I let the time limitations and my impatience at not being able to get it right the first 10 times limit me from even starting. I keep telling myself to start over with the tutorials, but I just can't seem to find the time.

The people who use the site more are the ones to listen to. I would definitely like to find a way to get the characters to get from point A to point B easier. Mine seem to stagger around like they are intoxicated. Others do not seem to have that problem. It takes me a lot of time to get them to move and be happy with how it turned out.

If we could combine the best of GoAnimate (without the high price, and before it went strictly commercial) with Muvizu, we would have an outrageous animation program, and I would pay more for it, too.

Hopefully I will grow more patient and willing to experiment and not consider creating something I do not want others to see as total failure because of how terrible it turned out.
02/01/2017 22:07:43
My 1st 360 video This was really fun to watch and interact with. I only found a few of the town's people. They definitely like to hide. The second time I found a few more. Thanks for showing what the 360 technique looks like. I also enjoyed the other video that showed more ways to watch YouTube in 360.

Where do you find the Google Cardboard? That was a great demo from Matt's video.
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