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24/02/2017 23:19:48
Making walls with windows, transparency Great idea! I look forward to seeing your final result!
24/02/2017 01:17:33
Assets with characters holding an item I see your point, Ikes... but I think the overhead of that approach is overkill. I think a minimalist approach that helps people with less powerful computers load a resource is a good starting point.. then if people want more they can directly contact the person who created the set and ask for individual components to be sent privately.
22/02/2017 12:24:39
new items and characters regarding the question of "other places where (stuff) can be downloaded for free..."

There are plenty of Model collections (like Sketchup's 3D WAREHOUSE) from which you can download props for free... but you have to convert them to FBX or ASE format. There are instructions in Muvizu's WIKI on how to do that. When downloading and converting other peoples' models, don't forget to credit the original creator of the model.

There are no other places where characters can be bought or downloaded. Muvizu's characters are proprietary. Occasionally they release new sets of characters, but most of the characters in the USER ASSETS part of the store were created from existing characters, by editing their UVMaps and modelling attachments to change the look of their geometry.

Regarding the riding mower: I am already working on it. After I upload it, there is an approval process which can take several days for some reason, so keep checking the store. If it doesn't show up by Friday, then it won't be until sometime next week... (nothing ever gets approved on weekends.)
22/02/2017 00:24:15
new items and characters trent-ozon wrote:
i was wondering if there were any other place to download characters and items for free or to buy i looked on this site and only see a little bit of characters looking for ride on lawn mower kid characters and zombles etc...

Note that the store has two tabs: the MUVIZU ASSETS (stuff Muvizu offers for sale) and the USER ASSETS (stuff users create, some of which is free and some of which has a price)

in MUVIZU ASSETS you should find some zombies for sale. The costume pack also has several zombie skins

They also have a couple of Asian character packs that include kids.

In the USER ASSETS section, here is a set containing kids:

There are also skins that make regular characters look like zombies:

I've never seen a riding mower, but how soon do you need it? I could maybe make one and post it to the store within the next couple of days...
22/02/2017 00:15:12
NEW IN THE MUVIZU STORE..... ikes wrote:
Nice one Rod! Very cool trick to animate the texture. Thumbs Up
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yeah, Ikes.. it reminds me of your multiple jaws for T-Rex, and animating the visibility of each jaw.
(Speaking of which... did you ever make a tutorial on how you did that? If so, it needs to be archived in the WIKI so its easier to find....)

I'm guessing that both approaches would take about the same amount of work if animated on the Muvizu time line, although it looks like Rod found a way to loop the texture change in After Effects, which would make it easier.

Both approaches add huge new possibilities to create actions that will never exist in the Muvizu environment alone. My hat is off to both of you for your original thinking plus your willingness to share your ideas with others! That's part of what makes this a great forum!
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21/02/2017 16:19:23
Stop my character from sitting? or, if you like the way it looks when he "stands up" and starts walking, you could just trim out the few frames at the end of the walk when he sits again, and start a new scene from a different camera angle.

Its a bit misleading to think in terms of "initial state", since that state will continue until you manually change it again. I'm actually kind of surprised to hear that the character would start walking from a sitting position. Most character actions that are intended for a standing position won't activate at all if the character's current state is sitting.
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21/02/2017 16:16:31
SKETCHUP TO MUVIZU Tangledbliss, that's a useful tip! Thanks for sharing! Now that Sketchup has removed support for SU8 a lot of people will be looking for alternate solutions to the model import task.

Regarding Sketchup warehouse: One thing that drives me nuts about the models DL from there is that there's no quality control. Models are created by thousands of people at varying skill levels, and there's no way to guarantee that any given model "follows the rules". When I was still trying to use models from the warehouse, it wasn't uncommon to spend hours fixing things on models that would have taken much less lime to create from scratch.

But, lots of people (I'm not one of them) seem to have great luck downloading and converting models from that archive. For those who do, please remember to credit the original modeler.
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21/02/2017 04:16:17
NEW IN THE MUVIZU STORE..... Rod, that is AWESOME! Thanks for taking time to share your discovery! I will add this tutorial to the WIKI.

I couldn't read all the menus, but am I correct in concluding that you created the animation by cycling through 3 textures, each of which only textured one of the wing positions, leaving the other two invisible?
20/02/2017 01:32:45
NEW IN THE MUVIZU STORE..... flying birds are just a still shot of a flock with transparent background. The animation comes from the backdrop. Basically any PNG with birds and a transparent background should work. The small size of the birds in Rod's set helps to disguise the fact that their wings aren't flapping.
20/02/2017 01:26:52
Business suit? you can't change the colours from a menu, but you can edit textures in a graphic editor and change the colours to anything you want. You should be able to find some suits as textures in the store

Or you can edit the UVMap for the character you're using and paint in anything you want.
20/02/2017 01:02:15
Trump There is a set of the pre-primary election candidates here:

to the best of my knowledge, that's the only Trump character in the store
19/02/2017 01:33:36
seeing if there's any interest.... Rocque wrote:
These are really fun props. The Muvizu future looks bright because of so many generous people. Thanks for taking the time to create these.

Thanks Rocque! I appreciate your encouragement!... but more than that I'm happy to see you posting on the forum again!
19/02/2017 00:37:28 access LOL... good job, world savers! (There's a super hero video there somewhere)
19/02/2017 00:30:57
Creating and Timing Characters Reactions I think Ziggy is referring to emotions that can be changed via the PREPARE ACTIONS menu. You can assign up to 9 different mood-based actions on a pallet, then as your story is being recorded, you can change the mood or action by clicking on one of the 9 options ... effectively "swapping " the current mood or action for the one you clicked on.
18/02/2017 16:24:00
Video for a friend... Nice job on the video, Jammer! Tell your friends I liked their song too... its a good recording, very clean and pro-sounding. The song has all the right elements.

You also put a lot of attention on details in an effort to synchronize the musicians with the beat. Nice job.

Since you seem to like music videos, I'll mention some of my opinions on the topic. (Opinions are what they are, so feel free to follow your own muse if mine doesn't resonate with yours)

1) music videos can get boring really quickly. Since video is a visual medium, it's your job to keep the eye candy rolling. Watching the song from one perspective may be what an actual person at a concert would get, but you have the opportunity to present the viewer with more. More camera angles. More effects. More fades. Views of the audience responding to the music. Closeups. Camera sweeps. Crazy impossible views, let your imagination fill in the blanks

2) once you come up with an engaging eye-candy presentation... never use it again. Make each music video unique.

3) Camera changes are like drum beats.. they happen at whatever frequency you decide. So if your scene changes don't line up with the drum beat, it's sort of like having two drummers in the band playing at different tempos.

4) watch other peoples' music videos. Make mental notes about why you want to click away from some of them, while others keep your attention

I think you are off to a great start with Muvizu! You've really hit the ground running, and you seem to be having fun! In the final analysis, having fun is the goal, so.. mission accomplished!
18/02/2017 15:56:42
picture change background if you are using a backdrop with image texture as your background, you can animate the backdrop's properties, and move the timeline to the place where you want the picture to change before selecting a new image for the texture. That should create a marker on the timeline which will trigger the change automatically when the story reaches the marker.
16/02/2017 14:36:42
[HAND Attach SPECIFIC PB] SU 2017 to Muvizu Anticip wrote:
It was a destination folder issue somehow ! But I get how it works, I can't fix it but I can work with it

please keep us posted!
16/02/2017 13:50:09
[HAND Attach SPECIFIC PB] SU 2017 to Muvizu I know the install location for plugins is different for the versions... maybe the new installation changed an environment variable for all Sketchup installations, and it's now looking in a different place for plugins.

If you can put your hands on a copy of the ziggymesh exporter, try putting it in the same directory as the new plugin (but with a different name so you don't overwrite anything)

link to all the directory paths:
16/02/2017 13:28:36
[HAND Attach SPECIFIC PB] SU 2017 to Muvizu The simplest workaround (if you haven't removed Sketchup 8 from your computer) might be to ...

1) Download items from the 3d warehouse using the current version of Sketchup

2) then save it in Sketchup 8 format (Sketchup 2016 still has this save-as option and I bet even Sk2017 does too... if it doesn't, we can probably find you a copy of 2016)

3) open the converted version in Sketchup 8 and use the tools you already know

3- If we can import FBX or OBJ items in Muvizu (when it works, which let's be honest relies heavily on luck on my end) it seems that for hand attachments only the good old ASE is recognized. Am I missing something ?

ASE and FBX can both be used to create attachments. At present, OBJ only works for standalone objects

regarding the ways size changes made in Sketchup don't translate to Muvizu... I've noticed that too. I make my size changes in Silo, and only use Sketchup as ASE translator. But it's possible that someone here knows a trick about how to size in Sketchup so that it "sticks" in Muvizu.
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16/02/2017 13:14:23
BEAUTIFUL set, as usual for you! I don't know how to put into words what it is about all your stuff that appeals to me so much, but you have a sensibility that most of us seem to lack.

You have such an interesting design perspective... you come up with things that would never occur to me in a million years. I don't know where original thinking comes from, but you seem to be blessed with an abundance of it
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