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2016/7/31 0:18:13

This is the extended version of the video I made for the competition...I hope you like it
2016/7/30 17:57:18
Has anyone made a movie with the Asian characters? EggyHerman wrote:
Hi, I am new to Muvizu.

I will be purchasing the South Asian characters today, and try them this weekend.

I saw the Star Wars characters, and thought you could import your own characters and animations. Now, I know you make these things by attaching attachments to characters. Pretty cool hack to make custom characters!

I will be trying to make attachments for various characters, maybe the South Asian ones, since I am currently living in Indonesia, and I want to make something for the children here for educational purposes. There is a famous show on TV here: Sopot Jarwo
Very funny. YouTube it for more links.

The packs are cheap enough that I will probably buy them too. If I make anything for them, I'll share what I am not using for any proprietary projects which should be be most of them shared!

Hello, Is this great video made with muvizu Asian characters?
2016/7/30 17:27:49
Stand while holding cup. PatMarrNC wrote:
a fairly new option when you need a particular pose (now that we have the OBJ models for many characters) is to edit one of the models into whatever pose you need, color it to match the character in your scene, then remove the head.

The newer characters can be made invisible except for their heads... so you could attach the model as hat or necklace, reposition it, and it would hold whatever pose you need while providing a "living" head that can engage in conversation.

Hello Pat, can you tell me what are the OBJ models you are talking about?

I also need a character to hold the smartphone texting, and a character giving something to another character.

Thank you
2016/7/28 23:13:09
20 Second Film Competition (Summer theme) This is my entry...Best regards

2016/7/26 21:23:55
tonyob67 wrote:
Machiya wrote:
Here you go.... Import .ASE suitcase
edited by Machiya on 26/07/2016

I am sorry, when I clic on the link I see only numbers....what is it?

It was a .zip file containing a .ase and texture file for of a suitcase....

Thank you
2016/7/26 21:03:40
tonyob67 wrote:
How many polygons you think is OK for muvizu, because on the 3d worehouse you can see how many polgons has each model before trying to imported... I guess...

3D Worehouse LOL

Vertices are points, Polygons are faces made out of those points, to answer your first question. The polygon/face limit for importing into Muvizu is 20,000 (absolute max usually). I tend to keep it less than 18,000 though, or you end up with a digital mess most times.

Thank you

ziggy thank you very much , and sorry for the bad spelling , remember that Spanish is my first language
sorry if I wrote something inappropriate ... it has happened before with very bad words hahaha
2016/7/26 20:07:34
its been my experience with objects downloaded from sketchups warehouse that simple objects import best.

I have yet to import one vehicle successfully from sketchup. A lot of the models have overlapping polygons which can double or triple the polygon count. I think there is a limit in muvizu about how many polygons a model can have, so its best to use the lowest polygon models you can find unless you plan to do a lot of clean up on the model before trying to import it.

In almost all cases, after trying all day to import and clean up a sketchup model, I end up making it myself in a tenth of the time, and with a much cleaner model in the end.

If you have other software that can reduce the polygon count, or remover overlapping surfaces, that's a good start.

One quick way to remove a lot of duplicate polygons is to highlight the entire visible surface, then copy - paste and drag the top layer of polygons away from the original. Then delete the original. What you should have left is a single layer of polygons that you can examine and repair fairly quickly.

This rant may or may not address your actual question. ;-)

How many polygons you think is OK for muvizu, because on the 3d worehouse you can see how many polgons has each model before trying to imported... I guess...
2016/7/26 20:02:52
Here you go.... Import .ASE suitcase
edited by Machiya on 26/07/2016

I am sorry, when I clic on the link I see only numbers....what is it?
2016/7/26 19:53:18
IMPORTING FROM SKETCHUP PROBLEM Polygons and vertices are the same thing?
2016/7/26 17:43:59
Finally got my first Muvizu video done Speedking5 wrote:
Still figuring out the Program and stuff .The next video I want to to use voices and sound effects.

Hello, Nice effects!!!
I just subscribe to your YouTube channel , you have some crazy but good videos hahaha, I 'm at work and put your video Ghetto Storm x-men and guess what happened hahaha

Best regards
2016/7/26 17:12:40
IMPORTING FROM SKETCHUP PROBLEM hello,I followed the instructions on the importing the red mustang video and I was finally able to import from sketchup to Muvizu, I imported a small suitcase, was very big, but I changed the size and finish with a pretty good results. but when I want to import a plane or a boat, Muvizu stays loading and then closes. I think it could be that the object is too large .... please help
2016/7/25 8:52:06
Help with an passanger airplane Hello, I need a passangers airplane, please?..Thank you
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2016/7/23 20:51:28
My 2 new videos, I hope you like them My 2 new videos ...Mis 2 nuevos videos, espero que les gusten..

They are not in English, but I think you you will understand without knowing spanish.

2016/7/23 20:38:14
Alice In Woderland - 3 Chapters eugenecheese wrote:
I am very proud of this. They took me over 6 months to do. I did all of the Voices, Animation, Sets and Attachments,
Lewis Carroll supplied the words. It is the ONLY time this has been animated in full. I'd love to finish it, but need a Collaborator, to take over the animation, and sets. Anybody ?

Father William character looks did you do it
2016/7/17 7:42:40
Rendering thread exception Fatal error Hello, I am trying to render a video and I get this message bwelow, I it only happens with the Cinema asset, I don't have problems with other sceens...please help
2016/7/16 21:16:52
Mobile Phone Action can you sher themziggy72 wrote:

This is the plan We have keyframes now, we don't necessarily need the rest of the character's body all the time... I'm going to make a sequence of arm shapes based on this one (if it looks right, haven't been in to Muvizu to check it yet). They will each have a UV map so you can texture them the same way as your character.

Hello, Do you have the arms ready?can you shared them? Please?
We should have a separated blog, web page or forum so we can share all our assets..
Maybe it's just me, but since I work with muvizu, I see people that looks like my characters everywhere....Hahaha
Thank you
2016/7/13 21:07:04
My 6th and largest production Thank you all for your nice comments, If there is any thing I can do for any of you, please let me know....sorry for my bad English
Best Regards
2016/7/12 17:15:46
My 6th and largest production This is the video with my cinema, thank you clayster2012, I used my cinema instead of yours because I could not open it, but thank you any way. Ziggy72...sorry for destroying your cafe and thank you for the set, I also used your windows on my cinema, and PatMarrNC, thank you for your help on building the cinema. I will soon English put subtitles on all my videos, I allready did it in 2 of them. I hope you like it....Best regards

2016/7/4 18:53:02
Hello, I need a cinema or movie theater MrDrWho13 wrote:
tonyob67 wrote:
Yes I have I license, I bought Muvizu play+ a few weeks ago, I am learning to use the program and also sketchup pro, but I can not make the pexporter plugin work's, every thing looks differente on my computer than the tutorials.

You might want to use the older Sketchup 8:
This way you can use the Ziggymesh exporter which removes most of the collision automatically, making things work much better in Muvizu.!downloads/rmmoz

I will try that..Thank you
2016/7/4 18:42:43
Hello, I need a cinema or movie theater tonyob67 wrote:
PatMarrNC wrote:
Note to Clayster: 5 minutes to create your set?

yeah Clayster.. that's insanely fast. I couldn't even decide what I want to do in 5 minutes, let alone do it.

Excellent work too.. both of them!

Tonyob67, Nice work on the glass enclosure around the attendant!
edited by PatMarrNC on 04/07/2016

Thanks, I used windows and glasses from Klayser's set haha.....Thank you the 2 of you for your great help

I am sorry, I made I mistake, I used the glass from ziggy72 set ...Thank you frined
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