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2020/1/2 9:01:12
New sets! Brilliant work as always, and I am following the Star Wars saga of Kevin Eddy!
2017/5/18 13:25:50
Unable to download purchased Muvizu assets I have been going through and making sure that I have copies of assts I purchased from Muvizu, and got the latest copies of itsme I would like to have in the off chance that Muvizu's site is taken down following its administration. The problem I have is that I previously purchased the Keyfram, Oculus VR and 360 video expansion, and there is no download button for them. Shouldn't I be able to download as I would any other asset I purchased to get a copy of it? I submitted a ticket, but it seems odd that those three items are singled out. I wish Muvizu the best, as it has so much potential, and there are talented artists that have invested so much time in providing additional sets and characters to the product. I really want to make sure I have a copy of these three products I purchased, and I am just looking for the download buttons. They were not recent purchases.
2017/5/17 3:04:01
Muvizu now importing models more cleanly One issue I have had with Muvizu is that I never seemed to be able to import models correctly. I have the same Sketchup and conversion tools, but I would often get errors when I tried to import them. Now, I seem to have a great deal more success and better results, even though periodically it tells me that a model is too large or too small. There is such incredible potential with this tool, with iClone going over the top to regulate even the physics of how objects interact. I use both tools interchangeably, and I have learned to work with all manner of digital models and visual/audio tools. I am still reliant on the great artists on Muvizu for assets, but I think this latest release has come a long way in fixing imports of fbx and ase files. Now, if only it would allow for obj and skp, I would consider that a major leap in compatibility. Well done!
2017/5/3 4:22:12
Fake news? A company in administration is either about to become insolvent, or already insolvent (i.e. cannot service its debts). Administrators, more often than not, receive appointment when the directors of the company pass a resolution, although they can also be appointed by a liquidator, secured creditor or via a court order.

I am glad they are back up, even if they can't sell anything while undergoing Chapter 11 bankruptcy. I am assuming, as I already have my license and have bought from the store before. Just be glad they are here. There are plenty of free assets, and a watermark as well as certain addons for free are the only hindrances.
2017/4/26 1:12:59
Digimania has gone into administration A core group of the Muvizu folks should look into taking the company back and developing an open source/paid version philosophy with crowdfunding. It is a good product, but could be so much better if its features and functions were available for user enhancement. So many things never made it to Muvizu, and its potential is enormous. I hate to see smaller companies at the mercy of larger ones, who invariably misunderstand or mishandle their brand and marketing. This is not Muvizu's failure. It could be made all the better if input was allowed by some very talented developers. Sad day indeed...
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2017/4/17 23:41:35
Issue with the latest release of Muvizu:Play+ When I right click to rotate a character, it turns very slowly, rather than at the same speed as when I move a character. It started when I downloaded the latest version of Muvizu. I have Muvizu:Play+, and run Windows 7 with 16 gig, AMD 3+ 8370 CPU and R7 200 graphics card. Please try it yourselves and see if you have the same issue. Great product and I have been using Muvizu for 2-3 years. I am also a longtime iClone user.
2017/2/9 15:37:00
What Muvizu needs next are quadruped animals I am thoroughly enjoying working with Muvizu. The one thing I would like to see added next are true animals. To date, every quadruped I have seen has actually been standing up on two legs. Can't we get at least a horse, and be able from there to add a dog and cat that actually move about and stand on all fours? It seems to be the next great leap in characters, so that we can add a whole new dimension to our projects. Thoughts?
2016/11/3 3:15:40
"Dark Waltz" by Haley Westenra

I am spending more time these days trying to hone my skills in animation. Here is one I created as an homage to the movies of the silent era, accompanied by the song "Dark Waltz" by Haley Westenra. Please give it a listen, as the video is unlike any ever done for the danse macabre...
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2016/8/26 18:49:04
Purchased Realistic Waterfall - not licensed? Well, it seems I had an issue with all paid content. I am a newbie to Muvizu, but experienced with iClone. I submitted a ticket, and all of my issues with the Muvizu team content and the Clayster Realistic Waterfall went away. Thanks to all - I now own all of the paid assets from the Muvizu Team, and look forward to learning so much more as I peruse these community boards!
2016/8/22 22:23:25
Issues with Muvizu ASE Exporter in Sketchup 8,2016 I have tried saving the muvizu importer designed for both Sketchup 8 and later versions (I use 2016). I copied the code from the web pages where they appeared, saved them using Notepad to eliminate any control characters, and moved them with the naming conventionrecommenced to their respective folders. Both give me an error when I attempt to load their respective versions of Sketchup. Does anyone have these files where they are working n their own PCs they could pass along to me? I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong, but it would be great if these two files were formalized and put on the extensions warehouse on Sketchup. I'm coming from a background in iClone myself, but Muvizu has such potential. I just wanted to be able to download a model or two just to see if I could utilize them, as so many here have. I appreciate your he;p!
2016/8/21 14:46:00
Purchased Realistic Waterfall - not licensed? I purchased the realistic waterfall for $3.75 USD.

I have Muvizu:Play+ the 64-bit edition.

It download with no problem, but when I try to open it, I get the following message:

There was an error loading the scene.

The feature you are trying to use is not licensed for this version of Muvizu.

Prior to this, I was prompted to enter my Muvizu license key again, but I get this message and I am at a loss as to what needs to be done to allow me to use my purchase. Has anyone else run into this, and if so, what did you do to fix it?

Thanks in advance!
2014/12/25 4:57:46
How do I use an imported head attachment? ziggy72 wrote:
First off, this ability is only in the paid for version (Play+), not the free version. In Play+, there is an Import option along with the other standard attachments options in the Character Edit window to Import an attachment.

I think that was the missing element. There was no mention of the distinction between the paid and free versions, aside from the removal of the watermark. That make sense - perhaps a side by side checklist of the differences in features might be in order? I like the product, and appreciate the explanation!
2014/12/24 19:50:54
How do I use an imported head attachment? I saw another attempt to get an explanation for this capability, but it really didn't answer the question. I saw that we should import it as a mask, or treat it like a hat, but neither seem to have those options under Muvizu. Could someone please offer a workable explanation?
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