• Today 18:20 by andrea-m-clarke
    • Can I import custom 2D Characters and backgrounds?
    • Yesterday 14:28 by Gopro
    • Hi,
      I am having trouble with recreating a character after I had to replace my computer. I get everything back to normal except applying the color white, everything I apply it to turns our grey. Could you please point me in the right direction.
    • Muvizu mogul
      • Yesterday 19:57 by PatMarrNC
      • colors in Muvizu are made up of 4 modifiers: Diffuse, Ambient, Specular and Emissive. They all work together to determine the final color. Diffuse and Ambient should both be white. If it's supposed to be shiny, make specular white too
    • Muvizu mogul
      • Yesterday 19:59 by PatMarrNC
      • if the character you are coloring is based on the blob, you will need to replace any applied textures with white too. Blob can have multiple textures, and the colorization is cumulative.
      • Today 00:19 by Gopro
      • Hello,
        Thanks so much for the information, I will try tomorrow to make the changes, Thanks again,
  • Experimental user Muvizu staff
    • Yesterday 13:19 by IanS
    • We had problems with our email on Sunday so if you have registered but haven't received your activation code yet then please contact support.
    • Yesterday 09:21 by alan07500
    • I bought the licenseMuvizu the day before yesterday. I validated the license several times by mistake. I bought the keyframing extension expansion pack yesterday. I cannot activate him it because I cannot validate my code ! (excuse me, I'm french !)
    • 2 days ago by gcskeim
    • Hi guys! Been playing with SketchUp n notice it's in feet n inches.. my question is say I am making a table for Muvizu .. how big do I make it? Say a 6 ft table would be how big in Muvizu?
    • Muvizu mogul
      • Yesterday 04:23 by PatMarrNC
      • most of us used trial and error to find a sizing scheme. My advice is to start small, import it to Muvizu and then start adjusting from there
      • Yesterday 17:13 by gcskeim
      • Thanks pat
    • 2 days ago by Jpuckett
    • i don't have the enternet, could this program be downloaded from another computer or no?