• 2 days ago by viralgajjar
    • hi
      i want to buy this software
      but all expenssion packs are free with it or not ?
    • Muvizu mogul Muvizu staff
      • 2 days ago by DigiFactor
      • No, All Expansion packs are sold separate!
    • 2 days ago by rajeev-trikha
    • I am a teacher . I wish all the students, parents and teachers to co- operate each other at this time to keep the health of every human being. Education is the boon for us . let study in the way god provide us the resources and the environment. Bye
    • 6 days ago by ecatuira3675
    • My activation did not work, error code E2. I restarted my computer, and I am the administrator of my pc. Still activation did not work.
    • Muvizu staff
      • 5 days ago by Muvizu-Admin
      • Just want to make sure after you run as administrator, was the error code still E2
    • 1 week ago by biplab12003
    • my system is 64 bit but unable to run 64 bit muvizu . i have installed 32 bit but it showing out of memory during rendering
    • 1 week ago by JCHawk
    • hello, I purchased about an hour ago and it will not accept my upgrade code