• 2 days ago by g039
    • I don't recive email for activation key. plzz can you teach me how it reacive
    • 2 days ago by shubh2001
    • sir why my registration key is not sent to my email address
    • 2 days ago by jeniver
    • I don't receive email for license. Can you teach me ?
    • 3 days ago by IsaacDJ
    • I have Muvizu play+, However i am unable to customise characters.
      1. I create character
      2. Choose a character default list
      3. Double click on character
      4. No properties pop-up box appears to allow me to customise the character

      Can anyone help me?
    • Muvizu mogul Experimental user
      • 3 days ago by MrDrWho13
      • Right click the character and press edit
    • 1 week ago by JustFiBi
    • The "Contact" E-mail address for support is no longer active. Sending to the E-mail address listed will simply bounce.
    • Muvizu mogul Experimental user
      • 1 week ago by MrDrWho13
      • Which email address have you been using? Email Snow who seems to be the new customer support representative: snow.tu@meshmellow.cn
      • Today 9:05 by TheDman131
      • I'm having that same issue
    • 1 week ago by fzr999
    • Cool to see the community is still hanging around, albeit thinning. I had high hopes for Meshmellow but it appears they MAY have bought Muvizu on fire sale to warehouse the competition. At this point its just as valid a possibility as any.