• Today 07:16 by yulistiyana-dewi-pus
    • hallo....im using muvizu for the first, n i very like with this app
    • 2 days ago by gratineaux
    • La Mansión Ford Stward: lugar donde ocurrió, de manera simultánea, tres muertes, el dueño, su hija y el mayordomo. Hasta el momento se desconoce el origen de estas muertes y quién es el asesino.
    • Muvizu mogul
      • 2 days ago by PatMarrNC
      • Hard to believe that's your first film.. I thought it was EXCELLENT! You used a lot of advanced techniques, and your point was well-developed. You are clearly experienced with video editing! I look forward to seeing more of your work!
    • Muvizu mogul
      • 2 days ago by PatMarrNC
      • By the way, you should post this in the Gallery so more people get to see it
    • 2 days ago by Dion1972
    • Are there any classroom sets out there?
    • 4 days ago by adimadis
    • Hi
      New to Muvizu
      How do I get access to wider range of stock objects ?
      Looking for a coin with dollar markings or just a gold coin.

      Thanks for advance.
    • Muvizu mogul
    • Muvizu mogul
      • 3 days ago by PatMarrNC
      • also, Sketchup's 3D warehouse is full of models that can be converted to the format Muvizu requires. Instructions are in the Muvizu WIKI
      • 3 days ago by ikes
      • Hi Alex,

        The primitive shapes can not be scaled down to the size of a coin. If you PM me your email address, I can send you a simple cylinder shape with a texture.
      • 3 days ago by adimadis
      • Thanks All
        Yes the abstract cylinder appears too big to look like a coin. Will try the sketchup warehouse.

        Why are dimensions for abstract objects so limited. I cant get coins small enough and i cant get backgrounds to be big enough.

      • 2 days ago by ikes
      • Hi Alex,

        If you send me your email address, I can send you a coin in FBX format.
    • 5 days ago by ilTuoCaveau
    • I got this message when I try to start muvizu with my mac

      ERROR] FATAL UNHANDLED EXCEPTION: System.MissingFieldException: Field 'Muvizu.UI.View.MuvizuView.Instance' not found.