Talent abounds!

by Muvizu_Admin in News

St. Mary's Primary School and Nursery Class (ages 4 to 12, for our international users) held a board games design competition. The project was started back in October 2016 as part of Technologies curriculum and Primaries 5, 6 and 7 (ages 9 to 12) took part. On Friday 2nd December Digimania were asked to help judge the grand finale.

The competition was tough with each team, made up of 1 to 5 pupils across the years, presenting so many unique and inventive board games. There was a Mars to Earth escape game where you simply had to return to Earth from Mars. There was a "Scotopoly" game, taking the classic Monopoly game but all the streets were from Glasgow. ‘Make up street’ where you add make up to a character as you move around the board, whoever has the most make up at the end wins. ‘Dragon Mania’ where you collect gems to buy and trade dragons, ‘Hero’s Vs Villains’ where you need to battle Marvel villains as you move around the board. There were so many fantastic entries how they managed to pick the finalists we have no idea!

The finalists were made up of the winners from each year group. There were 4 strong contenders for the top prize. First was Primary 5 with ‘Treasure Island’, in which whoever gets to the end first gets the treasure. Next up, ‘Let’s Get Active’, where as you move forward, if you land on an "act" square, you need to act out a character, like prince charming for example, and if your team guesses the character correctly you earnt 10 dollars. At the end, whoever has the most money wins. The fantasy role playing game "Thrones" was fascinating - where you play a character battling your way to the end after travelling across several islands. And finally, we have the winner of the competition with their game "Stranded" where you are all stranded on a desert island, with a variety of dangerous animals - as if being stranded on a desert island wasn't enough of a problem! - the goal of the game is to reach the radio transmitter and call for help.

Well done to everyone that took part! We were incredibly excited to witness so much talent on our door step. Once again, Congratulations!

Board game design competition

Jamie Hill